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Some Experiences And Trainings Needed To Become A Voice Coach

By Sandra Martin

Another common term for voice coach is vocal coach. These coaches are teachers that teach and instruct a singer to improve his or her techniques and as well as to take care and develop the voice. Some of the coaches privately teach master classes, lessons, and work shops. They serve as guides for the singers doing a practice or doing a song recording. Usually, coaches focus more on music that are either classical or popular. But some may focus only on the techniques for singing like breathing and word diction and pronunciation.

A voice coach often is the one who writes and produces the arrangements of vocals for the harmony of backup singers and also in developing the melodies of the secondary singers. There are some who advises band and singer for writing the lyrics of a musical production. There are some criticisms on some issues about some famous recordings where in the singer is the one credited for the work of a voice coach Los Angeles, thus, not acknowledging the coach who writes the lyrics for the singer.

Starting from the year 2000, there is already an increased number of recording soft wares containing different algorithms for vocal processing and digital correction devices for pitch. These soft wares have reduced the roles of the vocal coaches. Before, if a producer wants to have a recording with a person who does not have that much vocal skills, that person must be under a vocal coaching for a few weeks to learn the song and to improve the diction and tone as well.

Voice coaches in the city of Los Angeles, CA vary on their trainings and their education. Mostly are former professional singers and some are currently professional singers. Some are under a formal training before such as having degrees with relation to human kinetics, breathing methods, foreign languages, and posture techniques. Other trainings include getting Conservatory Diplomas, Masters of Music, and Bachelors of Music.

There are some who may have little experiences only of formal trainings which is the reason why they enhance their skills through performing experiences. Others are not under any trainings and they are usually in the music styles and in the classical milieu. Examples of it are language speakers moving into different countries to teach diction to vocal students, thus, they may develop their singing styles.

Other coaches may also have the profession related to music like rehearsal pianists that accompanies the singers in musical theaters. And some do not also have music related musical professions. Example for this is having yoga techniques or other aspects medically concerning on vocal cords and the throat.

This profession became very competitive nowadays especially for those in higher professional levels. Their salary is highly dependent on the conditions of work. At times, they can demand their own prices.

Most of them, such as the music and art professionals may have salaries lower than the average salary of other professions. This may possibly happen even if they both require the same amount of experience and education. Other professions may include bank managers and economists.

Work conditions may vary widely. It will depend whether you are doing part time or freelance work in opera companies or in recording companies. There may also have full time contracts when you work in universities or in musical theater companies.

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