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Some Interesting Facts About Printed Labels

By Debra Hayes

Whether or not you pay attention to them, there are printed labels everywhere you go. They are on shipping packages and envelopes, food, drinks and even on doors and desks. They are looked at hundreds of times but no one really considers the significance of them.

After reading this article, you will notice them a lot more than you did and you will realize why they are on the product or in the place they are.

Everyone has seen and probably used a label maker at least once in their life. It was a very useful invention in the years it was made and some are still used today. This item let the user pick the letters and numbers and punch them in a plastic strip with an adhesive back. Just peel the paper off and stick it on any hard surface.

With modern technology, making labels is very easily done and can have many styles and fonts. They can be customized to match the environment and can blend in to the surroundings, while at the same time, doing its purpose.

They are typically used on packages that need to be shipped. Most of them have a bar code so that a trained technician can use a scanner on them to see where they are from and where they are going. Without shipping information, packages would not make it to their destinations.

Some of the most important use of labels is by telling consumers what is in the foods and drinks they eat and drink. Many people have food allergies that can be a life threatening condition. Without knowing what is in the food can turn into an emergency situation. These labels are also known to tell the ingredients and nutritional value of the foods and drinks.

Many offices use them to keep files and accounts straight, especially medical offices. Although computers have helped to control accidental prescriptions and messing up of patients, they are still used in some forms of medical coding. Many times, gloves and other necessary items used in medical offices will be labeled for faster locating in case of emergencies.

With other offices and businesses, labels are used to identify such things as exit doors, filing cabinets and even bathrooms. Sometimes there are plaques that tell the name and position of the person inside the office space or cubicle.

Even places of business use signs of some kind to allow retailers and customers know where certain items are. A prime example of this is the gasoline pumps having signs that tell the high and low octane gasoline. A mix up in those types of fuel can often cause damage to the engine and will be a costly repair.

Whenever you really want to organize your home or office, the use of labels can be vital. They will make finding clothes, cleaning materials and other household items easy for just about anyone that lives or visits the home. If there are a lot of makeup or hair products, they can be arranged and labeled as to color and brand to help narrow the search.

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