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Top Classic Alien Encounter Novel

By Brian Robinson

Books on extraterrestrial invasion always involve war with people. It is impossible to find an alien encounter novel where birds fight other birds or wild animals, for instance. The stories revolve about classic invasion, astronauts encountering strangers in space or retaliatory attacks. There is always a story of enslavement or attempts to enslave humanity. Consider some of the highest rated novels below.

Enders Game is written by Orson Scott and was released in 1985. Very little was known about space but this title maintains relevance because of its narrative style. It is very violent, characteristic of perceptions in that era and the main reason it remains popular today. It features children who are training at a space station preparing to face aliens. It won both Hugo and Nebula awards.

1959 saw the release of Starship Troopers which is captivating to-date. The author needed to respond when his critics bayed for his blood because of his views on nuclear testing at the time. Heinlein did not know that an innocent yet creative response would become a sci-fi classic. The book helped to quell attacks because of his stand.

Childhood Ends was likely inspired by events towards the end of World War II. At this time, there were a lot of blimps floating over London. The narrative involves friendly Overlords who help to resolve all conflicts and in the process end all wars on earth. They help to create a single government that rules the entire world. The problem is that they work from their space ships and have refused to reveal their origin. This misunderstanding is what causes conflict.

The War of Worlds is considered a forerunner to all other novels written in this category. It was in fact sometimes classified as scientific romance. The author finds it fun to obliterate his neighborhood and in fact succeeds. He describes the killing to a friend as eccentric and painful. The book came out in 1898 and continues to baffle readers especially in the way an entire neighborhood is destroyed.

The Mote in Gods Eye is a bit futuristic despite being released in 1974. This book is set in 3016, an era ruled by The Second Empire of Man. Man uses Anderson Drive, a supersonic ship to operate from thousands of stars. It is all calm with no worry about extra-terrestrial life until a ship on mission comes back with the body of a dead alien. This is the beginning of an interesting expedition that is fascinating to readers.

Spin is an endearing sci-fi marvel. Its incorporation of the latest scientific discoveries explains why the book is loved. It opens with the scene of a boy watching in fascination as a star passes by. Man has conquered the moon and sun but tides remain a mystery. Wilson Robert delivers the story with incredible ingenuity in this 2006 release.

The Day of Triffids is the 1951 work of Wyndham John. It remains an outstanding title among the post-apocalyptic titles. A large part of the world population goes blind after a comet shower. The responsibility to run the world now rests with the few who can still see. They also have triffids, some mobile and carnivorous weeds, to fight.

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