mardi 11 octobre 2016

South Florida DJs: Guidelines To Being A Dj

By Gary Hall

Many people are passionate about music, but only a few have the skills to either make music or mix different types of music and songs and still produce a wonderful music. Such experts are known as South Florida DJs. However, before you can become a professional in the art, you need to undergo some form of training and acquire some skills.

To first obtain the necessary skills to start mixing you first need to purchase a mixer controller. If you are just beginning the profession, getting the beginner equipment is most suitable as it will help you learn. Although the mixer will limit your skills, produce low quality sound and has lower FX, it will be cheaper and help you in learning the basics about mixing.

After mastering how to use the beginner equipment you can invest in purchasing the pro equipment. The equipment has added features which will allow you to be more creative when mixing sounds. It will also produce the sound of high quality and FX as compared to that of the beginner's equipment. As they perform better, they are very expensive thus you need to plan top purchase it.

On getting the right equipment, you then need to decide the genre of music that you find most interesting. You ought to select a song that you like most as this will help you in understanding ll the details about the songs that will help you in mixing them. Some of the details you need to know include the length of the beats and measures of the song and the length of the intros and outros.

The information is very important as it helps you note the beats per minute aspect of the song. That is a very important point to note about music. This is because when mixing, you need to ensure that the beats per minute of the previous and next song are similar so as to create rhythm. This is also important when fading in or fading out a song.

To market your skills, it is important that you start making videos of yourself as you mix. You can also upload audio only mixes however as most people like to see you as you work, it is best that you make videos of yourself as you mix. To achieve this ensure that you first purchase a good quality camera for recording and get a Youtube channel to present your skills.

To further market your mixed music, you can also open sound cloud and Instagram accounts. The accounts will allow you to upload your music and gather followers. This will thus increase the number of audience for your music. The account will also allow you to inform the public on your progress on a new mix as well as inform them on the date of release of the next mix.

Combining various songs into one and still maintain the entertaining nature of the songs is not an easy task. It is a profession that can only be perfected through frequent practice and patience to finding what music work with each other. You will also need to frequently familiarize yourself with the latest and upcoming music of the genre which you mix.

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