mardi 25 octobre 2016

Smartwisp To Give Life To A Variety Of Solar Powered Gadgets I:6:P

By Alison Taylor

For all the promises made by a few companies, including global social networks and multinational telecoms, none of them succeeded in providing free internet. In fact, what emerged from the tall claims was the reality that free internet was not indeed the open and ever expansive galactic network. It was a capped version of the internet, with select sites and possibly censored or preferential list of search engine results. The dream of free internet still remains elusive but there is one project that is trying to transform that utopia into a reality. I:6:P

At the beginning, SmartWISP is planning to launch 60 satellites. Even though it is not mandatory for the people to purchase the Satellite antenna in order to access the network, it would give people the opportunity to experience the blazing internet speed along with other benefits. The heart of the SmartWISP System is a micro-sized computer, which has been integrated to the satellite dish. This system is powerful enough to make signal reception accurate and efficient. This system also comes along with a software application, which can be used to alter the portable satellite antenna remotely through a system update.

The SmartWISP system is smart enough to manage its own performance. Therefore, the system will be able to figure out whether it requires any updates or maintenance. In other words, it can keep people away from the hassle associated with system maintenance. It is also possible to track the satellite antenna if it is lost or stolen, and add/remove satellites whenever needed. The SmartWISP device can easily be connected to your computer, just like a Wifi router and an Internet modem. In fact, you just need to initiate the connection via Bluetooth or the built-in USB port. This system comes along with a solar or battery powered portable remote, which can be used to control all the functions of the device.

The SmartWISP project is aimed at empowering half a million people with free high speed internet. The eventual aim is to help societies be more connected, communities to be benefited from the social endeavors of the company and for artists to find a platform so they could showcase their talents to the world. The SmartWISP project is not just to provide internet but also to enrich the lives of ordinary people, to operate an eco friendly and socially responsible organization while helping talented people realize their dreams.

Presently, the SmartWISP project is on Indiegogo. You can check out the Indiegogo campaign, hop onboard and contribute to history in the making. Let the ordinary people like yourself get the portable satellite antennas to use in their homes, cars, boats or just out in the open to enjoy free high speed internet.

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