dimanche 30 octobre 2016

The Family Day Christian Film Of TTOR Ministry

By Perry L Duff

The TTOR Christian films family day ministry is a ministry that's part of the entire TTOR Church. The TTOR (the temple of restoration) church is different from other Locations of worship because of its devotion to the true teaching of serving God the father, God the son, Our Lord and deliverer Jesus Christ, and God the holy spirit.

The TTOR Church endeavors to assist people who've provided their lives to Christ. The TTOR Christian films family ministry church offers each and every month gatherings which have the direct focus on tending, encouraging, aiding, boosting, and supporting the holy spirit and arranging get-together concerning patrons.

These patrons migrated from various lives of powerful testimonies of challenges that stretch from the moderate all the way to the indescribable. Some were addicted to lives dealing with drug addictions. Others were living drunken lives dealing with alcohol dependency. Some were drug pushers in local neighborhoods. Some were people living silent lives burdened with destitution. Some migrated from lives dealing with joblessness, and no income. Some migrate from lives in which they have endured abusive husbands and wives.

And it really does not matter if these relationships are in the home, in their marriage, their actual bodies, in their neighborhoods where they reside, another country, or on the job. Some even come from broken homes, as well as war-torn poverty-stricken places from around the globe. The TTOR Christian films family day ministry holds many events every year to encourage, strengthen, support, and build faith-based communication. They are mostly fun-filled activities in which people can come, meet and greet each other, relax and unwind, get to know each other, exchange numbers, and find common ground.

There's always food and drink, but no alcohol, and relaxing gospel music. You can go swimming, or play basketball, or volleyball, and soccer with much more fun activities. The atmosphere is always enjoyable, and accepting, with little to no judgment of others. Other activities are the Men's Ministry fishing trip, the trip to the TTOR Rhode island church, and regular trips to the TTOR church in Queens NYC. There's also a bowling trip, evangelizing ministry, thanksgiving feeding, and cookout with more functions being planned.

The TTOR Christian films family day ministry is just one of several other functions that are being prepared on the way. TTOR church comes complete with plenty of church structures in several locations around the globe. The monthly conferences and annual functions address the various challenges that our beliefs and spirituality are affected by.

These challenges are discussed at the monthly meetings in forums called themes. These themes cover many aspects of men's and women's lives such as love, marriage, dating, family, friendship, commitment, dedication, backsliding, prayer, study, trust, and servitude, just to name a few. And the pastors of the TTOR churches regularly speak at these functions.

But, most of all our greatest challenge is to grow our membership. Plans are underway for trips to our churches on the African continent, along with soccer contests, basketball contests, concerts, and much, much, more. Plus the recent Family day trip to Connecticut is proof that the men will be able to bring their children and families as well. So how's about bringing your children? How about your family? And uh, how about you?

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