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A Comprehensive List Of The Most Successful Elvis Impersonator

By Mary Thomas

One of the most popular and beloved personalities of all time is Elvin Aaron Presley, a man who has swooned the hearts of many through his performances within both the music and show business industry. During the course of his career, he won numerous awards for his contributions to the aforementioned industries and cemented his reputation among fans and critics alike as a multitalented performer with an unmatched charisma. Sadly, the hailed king of rock and roll died suddenly from a heart attack on August sixteenth in nineteen seventy seven.

Regardless of his death, critics and his adored fans continue to keep his legacy alive through the formulation of clubs and setting up forums on the internet that continue to discuss his music and the latest news surrounding this popular personality that has touched the hearts of many. Not only that, numerous folks have built their careers around work that involves imitating his performances and unique style as a form of reverence and celebration of his life work. In line with that, found below is a comprehensive list of the most successful Elvis Impersonator Bay Area.

Rick Torres is arguably the most well known and is also hailed as the best living imitator today. Rick is highly regarded that other imitators within the field often look up to him and consider him as the closest being to every following the movements and style of their idol. Not only can he imitate him extremely well, he mimics the fashion and mannerisms of the late legend, which is something that takes years to fully master. In fact, Rick became the most booked professional in 2008 and the succeeding years after that.

Shawn Hughes has been working in the entertainment and show business industry before trying his hands as an imitator for the rock legend. Before attempting to do so and cementing a solid reputation, Shawn entered numerous contests on the subject and often became a finalist, which finally convinced him to give it a go. However, Shawn is most known within the community for his numerous contributions to different charity organizations and participates largely in charity events too.

Johnny Reno is hailed the Sacramento King and from the name itself, Reno is from California. With numerous awards to his name and the prestigious title of Gig Master, which he won 4 years in a row, clients are willing to have him fly 500 miles just to have Reno perform for them. Often times, these are events like family reunions, bachelorette parties, wedding anniversaries, and plenty more.

A highly talented and man of numerous voices and personalities is Mike Ely, who is someone that does more than just Elvis. This includes other celebrities and popular folks, like Frank Sinatra, Al Martino, Buddy Holly, and even Danny Zuko, a character played by John Travolta in the popular film Grease. Ely can do a lot more than rock, he can perform modern pop, blues, jazz, and oldies ballads with his amazing singing voice too.

From what you can probably gather from his stage name, Danny Memphis was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Due to the large amount of support his hometown has blessed him with and as an ode to where he came from, Danny decided to adopt the name of his town. Not much is known from this mysterious crooner, but Danny has been around since the early fifties, making him one of the oldest professionals in the game and highly experienced too.

When one is being found or strategies on taking a trip to Las Vegas, Travis Allen is the perfect individual to speak to for his solutions. In spite of doing on a regular basis at the various diners and clubs in Las Vegas, Travis is greater than happy to take a trip the farthest range of three thousand miles for his customers. What absolutely establishes Travis apart is his online group bands that associated with his every efficiency, which actually establishes the tone and elevates bench greater for various other entertainers in his profession.

George Thomas is perhaps one of the most successful impersonators of all time and his clients include a long list of celebrities and prominent figure in society. For instance, he once performed for Mikael Gorbachev, the former Russian president during his term of presidency. Nowadays, George continues to perform and do live shows on tour and has recently been the opening act for popular bands like Good Charlotte.

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