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Facts About Natural Hair Extensions

By Jessica Rogers

Wearing of hair extensions is done by different people for different reasons. There are those who do so to cover scars, while other do so to enhance their appearances. Others have different reasons. These products come into main varieties, that is, natural and fake/synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are durable and of better quality, but they also cost more.

Both natural and synthetic products come in various colors and styles. There are various ways of application that come with the different styles. When being styled, synthetic extensions tend to be stiffer and of poor quality thus do not merge well with hair on the head. During its processing external finishes such as silicone coat are sometimes added but it fades with time.

Synthetic hairs are not meant to be colored since the strands get damaged by the bleach or ammonia in most dyes. Heat cannot be used to style synthetic products. This is unlike natural extensions which can be styled using curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners.

Like stated earlier, synthetic hair comes at a cheaper cost. The cheap cost is usually traded for poorer quality compared to real hairs. The poor quality means that they cannot last for a long period of time once they are styled on the head. They easily get damaged by heat, sun, rain, and chemicals among other factors. They longest they can last is a few months. This is a very short time compared to a period of up to a year that remy extensions can last with proper care and maintenance.

The moment one steps out of a beauty salon they need to know that the secret to a fresh look is maintenance. Whether it is remy or synthetic hair, after styling has been done, it has to be well maintained. It is recommended to wash it on a regular basis. Washing can be done on a sink and a towel needs to be used to dry out the water.

Hair conditioning can be done using conditioners and shampoos. Sulfates and parabens should not be contained in any of the products used for conditioning. Instructions for use of certain products prohibit the use of shampoos. As such, one should be careful with the product they use shampoos on. Roots of hairs should be the target when shampooing. Air drying is the process of using air to dry the head. One should use this method after shampooing or washing. Proper maintenance entails ensuring that the head is dry before going to bed.

These products rarely cause people to experience allergic reactions. However, that does not mean that it is impossible for allergic reactions to be experienced because there are people who undergo this ordeal. If one experiences a bad reaction, it is advisable to seek medical assistance immediately before the situation worsens. Natural extensions cause less allergies compared to their synthetic counterparts.

The most important thing is to ensure that one gets a good salonist for this job. Getting one qualified to deal with hair extensions is hard since most of them are only in the industry to make profits. It is therefore important to be careful when choosing a salonist because choosing the wrong one can be disastrous and a big disappointment.

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