dimanche 15 avril 2018

Exploring A Concert Hall Austin Texas

By Raymond Bennett

Often called the Music Capitol Of The World, the capitol city of Texas has a lot to offer. One great way to see why this is the case is to attend a show at concert hall Austin Texas. While there are a number of concert halls in the city, each have a unique personality. As such, each offers the opportunity to see different genres of live music and Broadway style shows.

While Bass Hall located on the University of Campus Texas ranks as the most historic venue of its kind, there are also other venues which promote live music and other events. For example, One World Theater located between Austin and Hill Country hosts a number of world class concerts each year.

Whether musician or poet, a number of venues have been torn down and replaced by million dollar condos in the inner city. As a result, venues which feature these individuals and bands have been pushed out to the suburbs. In some cases, clubs have moved to other areas of town while others have been moved outside the city limits.

Another problem with the revitalization of the city which many denounced in the early days is the rise in cost of concert, festival and show tickets. In fact, some festivals that once required a can good or $5 donation, now charges $30/ticket with none going to charity. Whereas, most concert tickets start at upwards of $85-100 and show tickets around $30 and up.

Whether due to scalping or the landscape, these prices are often too high for those whom have lived in Austin on a long time basis. In fact, many of those individuals have also been relocated due to building codes which a number of residents felt were unjust and unfair. Still, when there is a code and a house is not up to that code, the city can often take the home to either sell or tear down and rebuild. In most cases, when it comes to the lower income areas of the city, it was the latter which resulted in some of the longest term residents being forced into homelessness.

As $300,000 is now the median cost of a home in Austin, many individuals are being forced to rent rather than buy in the area. Many hope that the housing market will crash and that market values will go down in the near future. For, with the high cost of housing and utilities, there are very few whom can afford to attend shows at any venue.

While Austin City Limits Live, the Continental and the Saxon are popular clubs in the city, most of the large concert halls reside either North, South, East or West of the city along main thoroughfares. As such, while many have sound acoustics, many outdoor venues have to work around noise from airplanes, traffic and other sources.

Ultimately, exploring these venues can often be a fun experience. In some cases, discounts can be found online to various concerts and shows. Whereas, most festivals run anywhere from three to five hundred dollars for a 3 day ticket which often does not include parking. As such, it is important to plan attend when wishing to attend one of these events as many of these ticket prices can increase once public tickets go on sale.

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