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Blue Pomeranian Puppies Make Fun Loving Companions For Families Of Any Size

By Christine Stone

Many dog lovers are pretty picky when it comes to the breeds they want as family members. Some love big, sturdy canines who can accompany them on hiking and camping trips. Others are mostly concerned with protection and choose animals for their reputations as guard dogs. Still others prefer tiny, affectionate bundles of fur that love to cuddle. If the latter describes you, blue Pomeranian puppies fit the bill.

These little animals actually belong to the Spitz family of dogs that include Elkhounds, Samoyeds, and Malamutes. Hundreds of years ago, Pomeranians looked more like their much larger cousins. They weighed around thirty pounds then, instead of the three to seven pounds you see today. They were favorites of the likes of Mozart, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, and Sir Isaac Newton. A Pom owned by England's Queen Victoria was the first ever entered into a dog show.

Most Poms have personalities bigger than they are. These dogs are very smart and outgoing. They generally love people and fit into most family structures. Like all dogs, the Pom needs early socialization to avoid shyness, nervousness, and a tendency to bark at anything that moves. Meeting the parents of the puppy you are considering is a good idea. That will tell you a lot about your puppy's adult personality.

Even the bigger Poms are tiny dogs. Most range from three to seven pounds. Every once in awhile, a breeder will get a larger strain in a litter. The bigger Poms make good pets for families with little children. Whatever their weight, twelves inches is about as tall as they get.

Poms are good dogs for people who live in apartments and condos. They are active and love to be walked, but they can also get enough exercise if you spend time playing with them inside. Because they are so playful, dog toys are usually a lot of fun for them. You'll have to rotate the toys however, or your pup will get bored. These smart animals can easily learn tricks and will show off for your guests given the chance.

Their luxurious coats are one of the things that distinguish them from most other breeds. Poms are double coated with the outer fur rough and bristly and the under fur soft and silky. The neck ruffs and plumed tails are also characteristic of Poms. Regular brushing is a requirement if you own one of these dogs. Getting them used to the feel of a comb and brush while they are still very young is the best idea.

Pomeranians are hardier than a lot of other breeds. They have an average life expectancy of twelve to sixteen years. You need to request health clearances on the parents to make it less likely that your puppy will inherit certain diseases. Although generally healthy, Poms are prone to hip dysplasia, allergies, eye and dental problems, and epilepsy.

Poms are great pets that endear themselves to their families. This is an active, smart, and loving breed. Before you purchase one though, you need to make sure you are working with a reputable breeder and aren't giving your money to a puppy mill.

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