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How To Obtain A Working License In Atlanta Catering Companies

By Denzo A. Larman

To have a legal catering business in Atlanta, it is necessary to complete the paperwork as required by the state and pay any fee if need be depending on the aspects of your business. It is also a requirement of the state to meet the specific requirements concerning the retail food business. The Atlanta catering companies are also required to pay extra fees if they plan to serve alcohol.

You are also required to register with the department of revenue of your state. Usually, the registration requires one to collect sales tax which should be sent to the revenue department. It is also a requirement to obtain a work permit or license from the state or county authorities. The requirements usually vary from state to state thus one should contact the local authorities to ask about the requirements of a catering company in the area.

For the department that is dealing with food and beverage, their operations are entirely different and hence the need to obtain a different kind of license that allows them to deal with food service. It is not right to forget to contact the health departments so that they can give you a confirmation and go ahead with the business.

The health department will also inspect the kitchen when it will start operating and schedule an inspection before the kitchen starts running to make sure that it meets their health standards. For one to continue being a holder of a permit that allows you to run the food service business, you must be ready for regular inspections from the department of health.

In case the inspections are so frequent, it means that your business is hazardous and risky and if you do not raise the standards of the facility, your business can be closed down indefinitely. The organizations that cook on site and hold foods there are usually inspected semiannually while the facilities that purchase and reheat the food receive yearly inspections.

Your employees will play a critical role towards seeing to it that you have been given the go-ahead to continue transacting your business. There are various informative programs they are supposed to attend, so they get certificates that show they have qualified in all aspects that involve the handling of food.

The person should also renew his certifications regularly as per the requirement of a state. If you plan to serve alcohol occasionally in the business, one can opt to obtain an alcohol permit for one day or any special event and compile a report after each event.

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