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There Are Important Benefits To Adult Dance Lessons Oklahoma Seniors Enroll In

By Virginia Rogers

One of the problems a lot of seniors face in their retirement years is boredom. Not all of them find hobbies they can be passionate about. Many grew up in an era before people hit the gym everyday, and before there was so much emphasis on exercise. Some seniors are choosing to try the adult dance lessons Oklahoma organizations are offering. It's a fun way to exercise, socialize, and get out of the house.

Unless you continue to move as you age, you may eventually lose strength and mobility. Dancing can counteract the effects of sitting on the couch all day. Your feet, thighs, and calves are exercised as you move, but you will get more out of dancing than just that. You are actually doing resistance training, with your body acting as the weight. Your endurance will improve as you take the classes.

Along with strength and endurance, dancing will increase your flexibility. As people age, bones start to get creaky and stiff. Arthritis is a big problem for some seniors. Dancing is a natural way to get your body moving and stretching. Before class you will have to warm up, which gives you a chance to stretch your neck, back, shoulders, and sides in addition to your leg muscles.

Another common problem many seniors face is isolation. Once you retire and don't go to work everyday, you can lose touch with coworkers. You don't have much in common with the ones you do talk to occasionally. Contemporaries are aging as well and can't always get out to socialize. A dance class is a great place to meet new people. You already share an interest in dancing.

When you dance, you are using more than just your leg muscles. You are going to notice this when you look in the mirror after a few weeks of classes. Your whole body will start to appear more toned and fit. You might not be twenty-five, you will look like the healthiest version of yourself. Renewed confidence and self-esteem will make you stand and walk tall.

Not only will your body look more toned, but you might also be seeing less of it. Dancing may be great exercise, but it is also a wonderful way to burn calories. If you spend an one hour or so dancing at least a couple of days a week, you should start to see any extra pounds disappear. This may motivate you to do more. You might even decide to join the local gym or start a walking club.

Almost every senior you talk to is terrified of Alzheimer's. Studies have shown that dancing is one way to improve your memory and focus your brain. You have to remember steps and routines and the styles of various dances.

Aging well can be very challenging. You have to work on it to be successful. The happiest seniors stay active, challenge themselves mentally, and thank whoever they believe in for every day they have.

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