jeudi 5 avril 2018

New Heavy Metal Music With Demonic Riffs

By Lisa West

Belphegor is a band out of Australia that many people have heard of because of their eleven albums that have attained widespread success. They have figured out exactly what makes a great song in this genre and they know exactly how to please their fans. The new heavy metal music that comes from this band, including their song "Apophis - Black Dragon", has all of the violent melodies, blasts of sound, and turbulent rhythms that they have become known for.

Many people were moved when Body Count dropped the single "No Lives Matter". The passion and frustration that Ice-T has about the social issues described in the song really shows. This takes the listener on an energetic journey that gets them just as frustrated as him.

There is something special about taking the musical instruments of one legend in a genre and making something entirely new with them. That is what Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope set out to do when he acquired a bunch of the guitars the Jeff Hanneman when he was in Slayer. Jeremy recorded songs like "The Carrion Eaters" and all of the album Mutilated and Assimilated with these guitars.

For a disgusting album that is absolutely horrible in the best possible way, look no further than Forever by Code Orange. The absolute insanity of the title track is enough to create chaos anywhere that it is played. The song takes many different unexpected turns, making it a conceptual journey.

DragonForce has been around for a long time, and for a while, many people thought they had lost their sound. Many were worried that it would never come back to them, but they have found their sound again in the Reaching into Infinity album. "Ashes of the Dawn" is a great song to listen to for a rapturous pick-me-up.

"Die With Integrity" by Dying Fetus is a great song to thrash out to for those who love to be in the mosh pit. It has all of the intensity that fans expect from this type of song. At the same time, it also feels like a throwback to the songs that started this genre.

There are plenty of dark bands to look into from Norway. One of the favorites of many is called Enslaved, and they have been playing songs about Vikings and rituals for a long time now. "Storm Son" is one of their absolute masterpieces, and it takes listening to it with headphones on, over a quality sound system, or live to hear everything that they put into this barbaric song.

Some bands never recover from having their lead member die or leave the band in some other way. Because of the way that fans often associate bands with the singer and the distinct sound of their vocals, it is often impossible to find a perfect replacement. In the case of GWAR, Oderus Urungus passing away didn't mean the end of the band. Blothar is the new singer, and he commands the vocals amazingly on songs such as "F--ck This Place".

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