lundi 8 septembre 2014

Convenient Digital Scrapbooking Jpg Downloads

By Kerri Stout

A hobby which has become very popular in recent years is creating scrapbooks as a way of preserving precious memories. When this is done in the traditional manner, it involves the use of all sorts of materials from the scrapbook itself to scissors, rulers, stickers, glue and much more. Boxes and files of supplies take up a lot of space. This hobby can turn into a very expensive exercise as well. Using digital scrapbooking jpg downloads, on the other hand, requires only a computer and offers many creative opportunities. It can even help to save money as products and prices can be easily compared and advantage taken of special offers.

Not all JPGs are of equal quality. For example, a 72 dpi image is less clear than one of 300 dpi as it has fewer pixels. Pixels are the small dots that make up the image and the more little dots, the sharper the image. A resolution of 300 dpi is acceptable for scrapbook images.

Jpgs downloaded for using in a scrapbook are usually 300-dpi and this resolution gives good results when printed. Sometimes downloading these images can take some time as the files are quite large. It is good practice to save files to other storage devices if possible as they can clutter up the hard drive. It is also a good idea to save the original and to go back to it as repeatedly copying jpgs can decrease the quality.

Albums often contain many different events and themes. Specific albums can also be created for an event such as a wedding or the birth of a baby. All options are covered at online stores where a search is usually conducted according to various categories. The products available are usually created by talented designers, unlike many of the free offerings usually created by amateurs.

Templates for pages can be downloaded that already have all the elements like backgrounds, photo boxes and text boxes. All the user needs to do is to drop in photos and create text. This option is particularly suitable for new users. Elements can be moved around, resized or deleted.

One of the main advantages of digital supplies is that they never run out and they can be used over and over. They are often altered by trimming or in other ways to fit many different projects. Another advantage is that elements are easy to change in graphics programs. Colors can be lightened, darkened or changed completely and special effects and styles can be applied.

Experienced users enjoy the creativity that comes with experimenting with different digital elements. They go about combining elements in unique ways that best express their style. There are so many embellishments, individual page kits and more all used to great effect by those with some experience.

There are many online communities for scrapbookers. Newbies can receive advice, tips and have questions answered by those with more experience. Once a scrapbook has been created digitally, it can be printed out with any quality printer. This digital experience can be very rewarding and provide infinite opportunities for creativity with a virtually unlimited source of supplies.

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