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David Archuleta News Of The Year

By Kerri Stout

All those people who watch the hit Television show American Idol must be familiar with the name of Archuleta. He was a contestant in the seventh season of American Idol an was declared as the runner up against the strong contender David Cook. The latest David Archuleta news is all about his return from the Mormon mission which he attended in Chile and returned back from there after two long years.

Despite the fact that he was not in contact with anybody for these two years, yet his management released some pre recorded materials. In this way, he has been in the news as often as possible. The majority of his collections have done a decent business. People still love him and now he's back so there are chances that you all will hear from him soon.

He left a short message for his followers after returning back from Chile. He shared a homecoming message in a very short video, and in that video he looks older than before. When he left for the Mormon mission, he was just 21 years old but now, he is 23 years old and looks all grown up.

The short feature message which he particularly recorded his fans, features him wearing a very smart looking black suit and a stylish purple tie. He looks happy and relaxed and he has a very wide smile on his face throughout the recording showing him very satisfied. It was a great pleasure to see his video message and his fans really appreciated his try to reach out to them after returning back from the mission.

In 2012 David decided on his own that he need to leave to honour the Mormon mission. The news that David will be going away for two years made his fans really upset because they knew they will not be able to see him for the next two years.

He had no contact whatsoever with any of his family members during the mission period of two years. He also shared a video message with his fans before he left for his mission. In that video he tried to explain why he had taken such a decision and why its so important to him. He said to his fans as it is a very personal decision and personal thing for him so he wants to keep it private.

He asked for privacy from his fans and promised that his fans will be hearing more of him once he returns back from his mission. He said that he is trying to do something completely different from his music.

His family is residing in Utah and since coming back, he has been living with them, spending some quality time. Since returning back, he had been actively involved in different social activities. He's also working on a documentary that will be released soon and also preparing new albums for his awaiting fans.

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