jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers

By Mattie MacDonald

Some may ask, why would a writer need Photoshop actions? The answer, anyone working on a book which will require pictures or illustrations. As such, it is clear to see that Photoshop Actions for Photographers can be useful not only to amateur and professional photographers but also to writers. Depending on whether or not an action already exist, there may be a need to create one.

When this happens, online instructions can provide the necessary tools for creating and installing new actions. As there are over 160 freely available at this time, it is often advised that individuals use existing ones when and where possible. Otherwise, there will be a great number of duplicate actions under different names. Whereas, the bandwidth and storage space would most likely be better served for new additions.

These are features which can be quite useful in creating sharp cutting images. Once an image is in place, these actions can help make performing repetitive steps on the same image more enjoyable and faster. After which, once the process has been tested, the action and information should be uploaded to Photoshop.

DeviantArt over the last few years has become well known in the areas of photography and storage. The company allows photographers to upload and share different Photoshop actions. Each were uploaded, some containing over 40 to 50 actions per download. While there are other applications, packages and programs which allow individuals to store and retrieve pictures, most have different editing capabilities.

One thing, a number of individuals fail to consider is whether or not a specific app is compatible with the operating system in use. For example, the Android operating system is not compatible with Flash or i-Tunes. One can find a work around for most issues but performance is not often as good as if the operating system and applications are compatible. There are even a few applications that can be downloaded which for all practical purposes turn a PC into an Android operating system.

A number of online articles exist in relating to creating specific actions. One explains the importance of using different methods in making Lightroom settings and presets. The Lightroom is often considered one of the best for working with removing red-eye and using different lighting effects to enhance various scenes in different images.

Lightroom and Creative Cloud are offerings from Adobe along with Photoshop. Each assists in the production of personal and professional projects. Most often these projects are based on a specific image, or images. Before deciding on which applications or tools may work best for a need, it is often advised that the individual read a variety of online reviews.

Amateur or professional, photographer, photojournalist or writer, all need online tools for editing documents, photographs and other data. Most of these individuals will find these features quite useful in accomplishing goals. While, those only wanting to take and post pictures may want to look at more basic editing applications and options.

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