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Thing To Keep In Mind Prior To Visiting A Tattoo Studio

By Mattie MacDonald

Body tattoos refer to permanent marks made on the body by piercing the skin and then introducing pigments. The visible marks are actually the pigments introduced into the body. The professionals who do this job are called tattooists and the place where that is done is called a tattoo studio. The process poses dangers to people in many ways since it involves making direct contact with blood vessels.

The skin, a protective layer of the body, gets perforated when one gets tattooed. Infections and other health risks are likely to attack the body through such skin. Therefore exercising caution before getting a tattoo is advisable because of the many risks involved. The thing one should do before visiting a tattoo shop are highlighted in this article.

First, one should know that the Food and Drug Administration does not impose any restrictions on the additives added into the inks used for tattooing. This means that there is no way of knowing if the additives are safe or not. The FDA only responds to problems that occur due to tattooing. This should be able to inform one that the process may have some unattended to health and other risks.

The first step one must take is to determine if shops in an area need to be registered or licensed to operate. Contacting the state department of public health is the easiest way of finding this out. The health office also has list of all registered shops in the area that one can peruse through. Attention should be paid to complaints that were filed previously by clients. Such information should be based on when trying to choose the shop to go into.

Once a couple of registered shops have been identified, attempts should be made to know how they sterilize their pieces of equipment. The first requirement should be an autoclave for sterilizing used appliances. Every client must be tattooed by different sterile needle, which is then thrown away after a single use. Additionally, the shop should have high levels of hygiene. The artist must wash their hands thoroughly with suitable detergents and change the gloves after working on a client. One should check another shop, if the hygiene conditions are violated.

One should get personal with the artist after confirming that all safety conditions are met. Getting personal with the artist involves asking about certifications earned and training completed. Asking to see certificates is not a bad idea. Most people find it easy to reveal such information hence if one gets reluctant, it could mean that they are not qualified.

The next thing is to stay around and watch how the artist works. One should request to watch another client get tattooed. This is the time to confirm all the claims the artist said. If any safety measures named above are not followed, then it is time to walk away.

Quality of service and cost charged for services should not be traded. It is worthwhile to pay more if it guarantees that one will walk away with their health intact. Trading quality for cheap services can cost one their health.

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