lundi 22 septembre 2014

Essential Tool Must-Haves For Apparel Photographers

By Lessie Kaufman

When a professional wants to do a good job at his or her work, then he or she will need some tools for it. There are certainly a number of tools that professionals will find useful in their work. This is especially true when it comes to apparel photographers. They have tools they need for their profession. Here are a few examples of those tools.

Steamer. It is indeed imperative for a photographer to have the steamer at his or her disposal. The steamer will help the clothes get back their refreshed look, especially during the morning. It is also the best tool to use when you want to put in more volume to the clothes, especially when those clothes have heavy fabrics.

You should get a clothing rack. The more clothing rack you have, the better. When it comes to the clothing rack, you have to make sure that it is durable and can handle any fabric you hang in it. When you are choosing the clothing rack, pick the one with the rollers so that it will be easier for you to move it from place to place.

Lint brush. It is only natural for the professional who is working with clothes to get a lint brush. After all, the lint brush is very effective in removing unidentifiable things that have clung to the clothes. With the lint brush, it should be easy to keep the clothes debris and dust-free. You can also remove stray hairs and loose threads with this.

You also need scissors and shears. This is for when you see loose threads. There are also times when you need to cut out the price tag of the clothes. You can use either the scissors and shears for that. Using the scissors and shears to cut out the loose threads or price tag should allow you to avoid damaging the clothes.

Pins is another essential item for you. You have to keep all types of pins in your drawer. There are many types of pins that you should be able to use in this work. Some of the perfect examples of the said pins are the bobby pins, thumbtacks, safety pins, and sewing pins. You will come to need these pins at some point at work.

Fills. The fills are vital to the said pictorial because they are used for filling up mannequins that are used as models for the said event. With the fills, you can make the model look more plump. It should be easy to put the clothes and make it look gorgeous on the picture if you add the right fill.

Clear tubing. You also have to make sure to get the clear tubing at your disposal. Normally, the clear tubing can be found in the hardware store. It should be at the plumbing section. When you have the clear tubing, you can easily form the shape at the sleeves. It should make the sleeves look shapely.

There is a need for you to obtain a cork board. You can say that this is also an essential for a photographer's work. When you have a cork board, it should be easy for you to put up a backdrop behind the article of clothing that you are taking a picture of.

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