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Video Games: How Staten Island Pediatrics May Recommend Them

By Jennifer Marie Anderson

One wouldn't necessarily link the terms "video games" and "social growth" together, which goes without saying. However, if it is maintained to a reasonable degree, it should be noted that video games actually have quite a number of benefits to consider. Even though some of these benefits may already be well-known, Staten Island pediatrics and other medical establishments will be able to offer greater insight. To put it simply, this hobby has more incentive than most would realize.

I am sure that medical authorities like GPM Pediatrics will attest to the fact that gaming's positive points aren't exactly new. After all, there have been many different skills linked to gaming in the long term, hand-to-eye coordination, being arguably one of the most prominent subjects to consider. As you can see, these games may be treated as toys but there are other positive qualities which can take time to unlock. It's interesting to learn about and Staten Island pediatrics may be able to shed more light on the matter if you're inquisitive.

A report was posted on PBS and it went into detail about moderate video game playing done by those between 10 and 15 years of age. Keep in mind that if children take it upon themselves to play an hour or less each and every day, improvements can be seen in both quality of life as well as social and psychological improvement. The article also mentioned that fewer "externalizing and internalizing problems" were seen. To put it simply, this story placed a positive light on the subject of gaming.

Of course, this shouldn't be abused and PBS made it a point to mention this as well. If children played more than three hours each day, they were likelier to be less adjusted in terms of social activity. It's easy to see why, since there's only so much a child can develop if he or she is positioned in front of a TV with a controller in their hands every single day. Eventually, growth must be done and the best way for this to be conducted is through interaction with the outside world.

It goes without saying that gaming should be regulated so that it isn't done excessively from day to day. Even still, there are benefits to consider if this is modified to only where an hour or so is allocated for each day. When this is done, parents will not have to stress about their children becoming too obsessive and children will be able to possibly grow on various mental fronts. Hopefully this study is viewed as another example of gaming being done to help children as opposed to hinder them.

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