dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Writing A New Contemporary Romance Novels

By Kerri Stout

Romance novels always leave you in a state that you want to read more and more of them. Sometimes they make you feel like you can write your own new contemporary romance novels only to realize that you don't know how to. If you have the qualities of a great writer then applying these tips will see you on your way to publish your first novel very soon.

The romance genre is one with many readers and also high expectations. Every writer can publish a readable book but one below expectations will not be loved. You need to beat all expectations on the books you write so that you can create a pool of fans who will just read any new book you publish because it bears your name as the author.

A book can't be written without the main characters. All the main characters should be created in the first two or three chapters and it is imperative you make them as fascinating as possible to afford the readers affection. Give them the best qualities you can think of but not overstated and you will have the readers reading to the last page. The characters should have consistent character throughout the book but that does not mean they be predictable.

The plot of your story should not be overly done. Within the first two chapters you should have established your plot and any reader can be able to tell which kind of story is to be expected in the rest of the book. Developing the plot correctly also develops your characters in a great way.

The novel should become interesting within the first few lines of reading. Many authors lose readers by having a boring introduction into the storyline. An interesting introduction gives the reader the urge to continue reading. The story should be developed sequentially for easier understanding.

The emotions that a reader can identify with should be developed in the first few chapters of the novel. The heroine or hero should be part of these emotions for a better effect. The initial impression given to the reader about a certain character will not change at advanced stages of reading. Giving a lasting impression is essential to a good novel. The emotions, in our case, are love and thus the love should be developed from an early stage.

Choosing the age of your main character will determine the age of the readers you are targeting. You don't expect middle aged readers to read a book on teenage romance. The best age of your characters for an adult romance novel should be at least 30 years of age or around that figure. This is relatable to the life experiences they have. Teenagers would love hero and heroine of between the ages of 18 to around 24. Give your characters believable dialogue that can happen in real life and not in wonder world.

The ending should be one to remember for a high rating. Choose it be either an unfortunate event happening or the two lovers getting together. Conclude your new contemporary novels in an outrageous way.

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