samedi 20 septembre 2014

Instrumental Piano Cover Of Black Widow

By Luke Davis

The new big hit song these days is the gritty "Black Widow" by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea. Along with the sinister lyrics; the powerful tune and mysterious harmonies give the song edge and grit. It would surely be a challenge for any individual to even try to beautify this song.

Any pianist would have a truly tough time playing this song on the keyboard. It doesn't seem like it would be a perfect fit. Playing the part of Iggy Azalea could be a problem because rap is a type of music that can't truly be played on a musical instrument. In addition, the piece could be too edgy for piano. However, if any other rap songs can be transformed into a piano instrumentals then its possible this one could too.

The part when Iggy Azalea raps can be circumvented if the synth background riff is improvised over. And the gloomy harmonies actually sound really good in the lower keys of the piano. Rita Ora's part is simple to transfer to a piano instrumental, and because there is so many gaps between her phrases you can even play the background riff in between the melody line.

There are truly lots of different things you could try for the accompaniment. What could work well is to follow up the gritty bass note with a lighter mid scale configuration. In other words: jump bass. In order to obtain a soft yet mysterious sound you can arpeggiate the chords. Following the bass drum rhythm for the arrangement and playing block chords could create a thicker texture.

Blending various styles for different energy levels can be good for the melody line. Playing only solitary notes for the intro could work. Then for the verse you can add a harmony note with the right hand to be able to pick up the energy a notch. Lastly for the chorus you could play in octaves or full chords to produce a huge effect.

In conclusion, although it seems strange for several rap songs like Black Widow to be played on piano, they may still sound great.

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