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3 Ways To Become The Best Cartoonist

By Katie Arden

Cartoonists may find themselves working in a number of fields during their lives. Some of them may go on to become skilled in comic book creation while others may feel as though animation is the perfect platform for them. Whatever the case may be, though, it's easy to see that they love the work that comes with being a cartoonist. Not only do they enjoy bringing joy to others, through their work, but it provides an outlet that very few other avenues can boast.

You have to keep in mind that cartoonists are not going to be able to simply invest themselves in the work that they do. Education is required, as you can probably imagine from the various art schools that offer degrees in this realm. What if you feel as though you need more help, as far as being a budding cartoonist is concerned? In order to go about this level of learning, with as much effectiveness as possible, these 3 pointers should help you along the way.

To start off, make sure that you have an idea before you place your pencil on a sheet of paper. Cartoonists may feel as though they can create work if they just wing it but it's not like this will result in anything strong, at least in most cases. In order to be an effective cartoonist, as you will learn, it's important to understand the ways in which ideas are formulated. Before you decide to take hold of your pencil, take it upon yourself to brainstorm.

Of course, characters come together as just one layer for cartoonists to keep in mind. As you will learn, it's just as important for stories to be made. To start off, you should never feel as though complex stories are the only ones that can be created. Depending on the type of media you'd like to develop - this is especially true for children's shows on television - you may be able to get away with less complicated narratives. Nonetheless, cartoonists should never forget that cohesiveness helps to keep the general audience engaged.

If you'd like to know about the most important tip, in my view, it has to be the idea of fun. Simply put, you should enjoy the work that you conduct, as a cartoonist. After all, you are able to utilize the utmost creativity to bring life to some of the most striking works possible. This is one of the many points you shouldn't overlook because, before long, you'll start to see not improvements in your work but work that any cartoonist would be proud to show.

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