samedi 17 janvier 2015

How Students In Film School Can Tackle Romance

By Katie Onson

It's easy to see that the genre known as romance is one of the most popular. I am sure that others can agree with such a sentiment, especially when given the fact that it can help to bring some of the strongest human emotions to the big screen. With these points in mind, though, not every student in film will be able to tackle this genre in the same way. In order to excel, as far as conveying romance in film is concerned, there is plenty to learn.

To start off, it's important for romance to be written well. You may want to go with a basic story of boy meets girl at some random setting, which can then play into events which feature the both of them getting closer. Of course, another story can be written with the idea of two best friends realizing deeper feelings for one another. Whatever the case may be, unless the narrative is written well, the goal of incorporating romance is not going to be met.

Let's say that you would like to incorporate romance into your action film; the element of action shouldn't suffer because of it. To illustrate this point, look at "Guardians of the Galaxy," which had two of the main characters teasing at a romance of their own. However, it was kept subtle while combat and comedy alike were more focused on. What this did was that it allowed the film itself to be more free, as it wasn't exactly confined to specific genres.

The avoidance of tropes is another point that film students should keep in the back of their minds. In romance, there are quite a few tropes that have been used to the point of exhaustion, one of them being the break-up of a relationship before it is rekindled at the end of the film. It stands the case of having audience members roll their eyes, since they've seen it so many times before. As a film student, this is yet another aspect of romance that should not be overlooked.

When romance is approached, with these methods set in place, it's easy to see that it can add something unique to just about any film. I am sure that most others would agree with this point, especially when you consider that just about any other genre can incorporate romance. Of course, you have to consider ideas like acting and writing as well. Nonetheless, to say that romance is unable to be incorporated into any film would be nothing short of a lie.

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