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The Popularity Of Metal Wall Sculpture

By Janine Hughes

When the walls of a room are empty, it tends to look unfinished. A metal wall sculpture is one way of enhancing walls that has become very popular today. There are a great many different sizes, shapes and styles on offer, particularly from online stores. They provide a way of adding a focal point in a space that makes it special.

One of the most popular metals used by artists is aluminum. There are many types and artists even use aircraft grade which is a very high quality. Many other metals are used too such as iron, steel, copper and brass. All of these metals have different qualities that suit different applications. Some copper sculptures used on garden walls may be specifically chosen for the beautiful patina that they get with age.

Sculptures have to be properly mounted to ensure their stability and optimize their appearance. It can be quite heavy and the hardware used should be rated at twice the weight of the piece. The mounting of such pieces is usually done with brackets. Instructions are often received together with the piece when it is bought.

Subject matter is drawn from many sources. Beauty is brought into the home with images of nature like trees, flowers, birds and insects. Sea creatures like fishes, dolphins, whales and turtles swim across walls adding whimsy and fun. Musical instruments stir musicians to pick up their instruments, and words touch hearts. Coffee cups with steam curling out of them make a coffee nook warm and inviting.

When choosing a piece it is vital for the dimensions and style of the space is taken into consideration. A large contemporary image flowing over several large panels may take up most of a wall. A piece like this needs a large space to work properly and may look out of place in a home. It may be best suited to the foyer of an office block or a large conference room. The scale of an artwork chosen for a small home will obviously need to be smaller.

Artworks are chosen to suit a particular space but they are also chosen to reflect the personal taste of the individual. Someone who loves the vintage look will go for something more retro and those with modern tastes love abstracts. Various interests such as music or sport are represented too. In fact, there is something to suit just about every taste.

The price of pieces varies a great deal with some being much more expensive than others due to the size and materials used. Spending money on an item like this offers the opportunity of completely transforming a space so it is often worthwhile to spend a bit more for something really special. All the other elements of the room can be inspired by one piece.

Walls decorated in this way will draw the eye of whoever enters the room, often becoming a conversation focal point. A well-chosen piece will not only animate the room but transmit the personality of the owner to all who see it. Make a design statement, or crown a decorating theme by searching through an amazing variety of shapes, colors and styles to find the perfect art for a home.

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