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Whiskey Is Something That Everyone Should Enjoy

By Chris Carr

Whiskey has been a popular drink for many people for hundreds of years. The word Whiskey means "Water of Life", originated in Scotland in the early 1400's. It is made from fermented grain mash. Different types of grain are used, wheat, barley, rye and corn. And all will give an individually different flavour. Once it is distilled it is aged in white oak casks. The taste of the beverage hasn't changed very much since the beginning of manufacture. Some distillers have added a smokey flavour and others have distilled their whiskey more than once, sometimes three times. All these processes help refine the flavour for the discerning drinker.

Whiskey is a beverage that is used as a celebration for weddings, ceremonial occasions, and board room dealings. At a wedding, the bride and groom often toast each other with whiskey to signify that their relation will stand the test of time, as whiskey has done. Friends also confirm their friendship with a shot of whiskey. If imbibing in too much of the smooth liquor, one may have a feeling that they are "King of the World". However it is good to relax with a tot of whiskey to sooth the soul after a busy day.

Scotland is well known for its Johnny Walker Whiskey, that comes in red, black and blue labels. The blue label is an extremely smooth whiskey. The late Queen Victoria and the late King Edward favoured Ballantines Scotch Whiskey, that is distilled in Dumbarton Scotland. Glenfiddich Whiskey, which in Gaelic means" Valley of the Dear", was established in 1820 in the Highland of Scotland. It is a pure malt whiskey. The water used in the distilling of it comes from the local mountain stream, which is reported to be pure.

There are many varieties of whiskey throughout the world. The ones favoured in America are mainly Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey. They are served throughout America in many bars and restaurants. Some drink it straight some have it on the rocks while others mix it with coke. It is all a personal choice as to the consumption of it.

Ireland also has quality whiskey. Jameson's Irish whiskey was established in Dublin in 1780. It has been distilled three times to give it a smoother taste. Tullamore Dew, established in 1820 in Tullamore County, Offaly, is a favourite to use in the making of Irish coffee.

Thousands of people all over the world consume whiskey. It is one of the prime alcoholic beverages sold worldwide. In California it is able to be purchased from grocery suppliers and in certain department stores. Whiskey is an excellent beverage for all social occasions, or just to have in the privacy of the home. Some wedding receptions use whiskey for toasting. The bride and groom often toast each other with whiskey to indicate that their relationship will endure the test of time as whiskey has done over the years. Ceremonial events use whiskey for toasting, as do friends to confirm their friendship.

Whiskey has been used at executive board level for celebrating the signing of contracts. It is an excellent gift for friends and employees. A tot at the end of a busy day is an excellent way to relax and wind down. It helps to sooth the soul. However imbibing a little too much may give the false impression that you may be "The King Of The World".

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