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The Best Type Of Whiskey Glasses

By Chris Carr

Several types of glasses used for the consumption of whiskey are available on the market today. Whiskey is an elegant stylish drink favored worldwide. Whether it is the decades old whiskey or a new cheaper variety whiskey enjoys unrivaled popularity.

What determines the type of glass to use with whiskey depends on the individual's mood and intentions. There are some drinkers who like to imbibe in a large amount in a short time so they may use a shot glass, while others savour the flavour and sip it slowly.


Shot Glass:



This glass is similar to the tulip glass, except it doesn't have a fluted top and is more of a squat and wider glass. The aroma of the whiskey is collected high in the bowl which enhances the flavour and teases the senses as you inhale and sip. Thuis is an excellent choice for drinking a good quality whiskey.

Holding not more than two ounces of liquor the shot glass comes in various shapes but is most often small in size. The idea of the shot glass is to consume the contents in one swallow. Some find this practice leaves a bite on the palate so often a chaser is downed after the shot. Most often a chaser is a beer or on occasions water is used. The chaser is often taken using the shot glass also.

Tulip glass or otherwise known as Glencairn Whiskey glasses are as the name suggests is shaped like a tulip. The bottom is round in shape and tapers in at the top. It is excellent for nosing the whiskey, as the small tapered opening allows for the concentration of the aroma of the whiskey. These glasses are designed for people who enjoy quality whiskey in its purest form or with maybe with a dash of water. The smaller opening at the top makes it challenging to add an ice cube.

The tumbler is a straight sided glass often used for mixed drinks. The capacity is not specified but it typically holds around seven to ten ounces of liquor. The whisky tumbler is excellent for serving scotch straight, however may serve bourbon or mixed drinks, preferably containing whiskey. Serving whiskey over ice is also quite a common use of this glass.

The Snifter presents significant characteristics to the tulip; however it isn't fluted and is wider and shorter. As with the tulip shaped glass it also enhances the flavour of the whiskey by collecting the aroma of the drink high in the bowl. When sipping a quality whiskey this type of glass is an excellent choice.

To obtain the most enjoyment out of a whiskey, the use one of these types of glasses is essential as they enhance the mellow tones of the drink. They are designed to combine the temperature and aroma of the whiskey, consequently indulging the senses as you sip.

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