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Different Methods Of Psychic Readings

By Stacey Burt

When an individual is going to provide a service, it is important that one has a proper place to do so. While many fairs and festivals may charge a booth fee to set up a space for psychic readings, there are ways in which some individuals can become fee-exempt. One being to find a local establishment which can grant permission for one to work on the property during such event.

Some people working in entertainment districts may only be trying to move-in on other's territory to make a quick buck. In some cases, escorts and prostitutes have been known to set up tarot readings in these areas as a cover for a sex business. While, actually having no experience and no real connection with tarot or other spiritual tools.

Individuals doing so have been known to become regulars who work hours outside fairs and festivals, often at the request of the venue. One reader in Texas often had a line around the corner on Saturday nights, thanks to referrals from the restaurant who provided a space for the psychic to set up shop.

When setting up a space to provide readings, whether in a professional booth, or on the sidelines, there are some things which can enhance the experience. One, a blanket for oneself and others to sit on during readings, or if appropriate chairs and a table. Although, when working outside fees, it can often be difficult to find enough space to set up tables and chairs.

The other items any psychic may want to have on hand, both for decoration and use are a crystal ball, incense, a candle (if allowed, otherwise a flashlight that resembles a candle from a distance will work nicely, ) especially when working at night. And, above all else, a bottle of water and enough food and other drinks for the duration of the event.

When it comes to deciding which deck(s) or tool(s) to use for a reading, it is important that the reader have a connection with the imagery and meaning of the cards. For example, someone providing readings at a Pagan or Wiccan festival may want to use a deck like the "Goddess Oracle, " by Hrano Janto, while Buddhists may want to use the "Buddha Tarot, " which came out a few years ago.

One of the most important tools one has when providing readings at a faire, festival, special event, or on a regular basis, doesn't come in a box and is something which cost nothing. What you ask? A smile, a smile is one of the biggest assets anyone has which can be used to capture the attention of another human being.

When working an event, it is imperative that readers remember one is there to work, not play. Although, if the organizers invite a reader to join in the festivities, then it is often good to do so. Otherwise, it is best to keep business separate from social affairs, when and where possible at any rate.

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