mardi 27 janvier 2015

How African Ministries Are Beneficial To The Society

By Janine Hughes

A larger percentage of countries in this continent practice Christianity. African ministries are instrumental in ensuring the scripture is preached in every part of the continent. This is definitely important in helping people grow spiritually. When you get to hear the good news at a young age, you will become fond of it and it will become part of you.

Instructions for the duties of a Christian are normally taken from the Bible. A book in the Bible states that it is the duty of Christian to make God known. This makes many organizations want to do so much because they have a responsibility. When proper plans are made, a lot of success in reaching out to people can be observed.

The lives of many people are often touched when God is involved in these programs. You will notice that many people will get saved. They may not have a place to gather together to share their faith. This is definitely important. A temporary structure can be built to act as a church for the people in the area. Later on, something more permanent can be set up.

Some individuals just wake up and decide that they can preach. I clearly understand that it is a calling. However, it is best when proper training is received. Poverty in a number of regions in Africa may cause most people to lack this training. There some organizations that may offer free training for such individuals. They should definitely take advantage of this.

We always say that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. For this reason they should definitely be used here. They can be taught on the necessary skills needed to reach out to people. Most of them could be available and in need of something to do. They are important when it comes to school missions as the young people will identify with them.

Ministry is normally done in a number of ways. First the people, identify the problem area that is in a particular place. The people in a region could be going hungry for example. It is smart of them to touch on this area by offering food to this people. A lot of people will commune when they hear this. This is an amazing opportunity to share the word of God and touch lives.

You must have noticed that countries that are outside Africa go out of their way to come and spread the gospel here. This offers a lot of help as the more people doing this work the better. Concerts by gospel artists can be held in churches. Orphans can also benefit because they will be provided for. Preaching can be done in church because they profess their faith.

When a person does something amazing in your life, you will be forever grateful. This will give you drive to want to do something special for them. The Bible has what the human race keeps searching for. This is why information that is contained in it needs to be spread everywhere. To help do this, you can consider joining up with such organizations in your church.

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