lundi 12 janvier 2015

Masters Of Pop Art

By Susan Barkley

A number of the most nicely-recognized artists of the Pop Art phenomenon, corresponding to Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg, were born in the 1920's which was a boom time within the USA with money to spare and jazz music starting to make it is mark. But in 1929 the inventory market crashed and the US entered a depression that lasted till the mid-1930. Maybe probably the most well-known of all pop artists, Andy Warhol, was born at the beginning of that depression.

One of the most popular images is The Great Wave at Kanagawa by the Japanese artist, Hokusai. It has been reproduced on greeting cards and as an art print for sale many times. The painting captures the moment when a huge tsunami is in full flight. Other paintings by this artist are available, including pictures of a snow-capped Mt. Fuji and of cherry blossom, a symbol of the resurgence of life in Japan.

Other widespread themes in Pop Artwork were comedian books and the well-known people of that period akin to Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, who will likely be forever related to Warhol's work. Andy Warhol used display screen printing techniques for his work and usually made several copies of the same image.

And it was the design and advertising of that new merchandise that the artists were commenting on, and influenced by, in a manner that no earlier technology of artists had been. They tried to use odd shopper objects of their work to encourage people to view them differently. Additionally they positioned frequent objects in unusual methods to make individuals take notice of them.

It began appearing in the mass media, in advertising, movie posters and even on music album covers. It suddenly grew to become stylish and cool and plenty of celebrities began asking artists for his or her own. Marilyn Monroe's prints by Andy Warhol after her dying still remain some of the iconic prints ever.

For lovers of Surrealism, Salvador Dali reigns supreme. His bizarre dream like pictures puzzle as much as they delight. Works for sale include Swans Reflecting Elephants, The Persistence of Memory, and Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion. Salvador Dali lived a bizarre life much like his paintings.

Just because the world by which we dwell is endlessly different, so Pop Artwork used a wide range of strategies however the frequent characteristics that define works as Pop Art are as follows: Graphic Model: Clearly defined shapes and colors with hard edges such because the Roy Lichtenstein comic book kinds and David Hockney's works.

You should be able to find something to hang on your wall if you look amongst the works of all these wonderful artists.

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