dimanche 21 juin 2015

A Pirate Birthday Party NJ Style

By Freida Michael

Your youngster is about to begin another milestone in his life and is so looking forward to the event you are going to plan for him. You know that he will love a pirate birthday party NJ style and you are going to work hard to bring it to fruition. The small city of Middletown, NJ, has just the resources you need to make this event a grand success.

You just don't quite know where to begin. There is so much to think about and plan for. There are door prizes, costumes, decorations, games, crafts, goody bags, and food to consider. Invitations also need to be purchased or designed. It is such a fun and exciting theme that you know you are going to have fun just planning it.

The invitations should be your very first consideration. Ready-made designs are always in good taste but you can also make your own. This does take time, creativity, and extra funds for materials and postage. Choose or make the best ones that fit your youngster's age or interests. A ship or map motif is always interesting. A aged map could be the main design with directions to your house.

Choose a costume for the guest of honor to wear as he greets his guests at the door. This should definitely reflect the party theme. Breeches, an eye patch, a hat, a hook for his arm, and even a stuffed parrot would complete the outfit. Encourage guests to wear their own versions of this type of apparel.

Decorating the event area will be your biggest challenge. This will depend greatly on our budget, the space you have to use, and your creative abilities. Ask for assistance from other mothers who may have done similar parties. They may even have props and other decor that you could borrow for the day. The centerpieces for the guest tables could be as simple as ships or treasure chests. Fill them with candy and trinkets and surround with mini telescopes, maps, flags and banners for extra impact.

You could add the usual games but a unique twist would be to have a treasure hunt. Give each team or child a rolled map that will take them to a treasure at the end of their search. Crafts could include making pirate hats from large sheets of colored paper and arm hooks from aluminum foil and large plastic cups.

The intricate cake could be made or purchased to resemble a ship or a large treasure chest. You could even make cupcakes with an anchor, skull and cross-bones, or ship motif. For a healthier snack, select a long, large watermelon and cut to resemble a ship's hull. Fill with various fruits including orange wedges, strawberries, grapes, and melons and add a mast and sail. Goody bags could take the form of decorated bags, small ships, or small treasure chests filled with candy and other souvenirs of the event.

Don't forget to take many photos of this awesome gathering. You, family and friends can view them for years and remember the hard work and time it took to pull this event off. Your child will have fond childhood memories of this special time in his life.

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