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How To Plan For Bachelorette Parties

By Ericka Marsh

You might have a friend who will become a bride-to-be and will request you to become her bridesmaid. If that is the case, then you should know that your first task for that would be the preparation of the hen's night. You need to make this as memorable as possible. For that, knowing some tips to enjoyable bachelorette parties Newport RI should help.

The first in the list of tips you can follow would be asking for the guest list. Of course, you need to know who will be invited to the party. The party can be attended by the female associates of the bride. They can also be the female relatives. The bride's and groom's mothers can also be invited to this particular event.

Do not forget to decide on when the said event is to take place. When the party is not a surprise, then you can have the bride decide on the date. Of course, make sure that majority of the guests coming for the said party should be able to attend for that date. Otherwise, the number of attendees might dwindle.

There is a need to discuss about the budget. The budget should cover all of the expenses relevant to this party. As much as possible, everyone should come to an agreement regarding the amount that should be contributed. If everyone agrees to the amount, then you can proceed with the other preparations.

Be sure to have a ingenious party theme. You have to remind yourself that there are party themes that can be very offensive to other guests or to the bride. That is why you have to be meticulous when you are picking the theme. As much as possible, it should be a theme that can be really fun for everyone.

If this is a night that will require guests to drink, better arrange a ride beforehand. You might request to have designated drivers for the said event too. This designated driver is the individual who will not be allowed to drink, though. You can also rent a vehicle for this particular event.

Wedding accessories should be purchased so that the bride can stand out from the rest. These wedding accessories will be given for the bride to wear so that the guests will know that it is for her that this special event is being hosted. These accessories can include a tiara or a veil. Guests can wear anything they want.

Do not forget about the games. You need a game you can play together with everyone when it comes to this party. Have as many of the guests participate as possible. You can have games like the scavengers hunt for this night or just a bride trivia. Other game ideas are welcome.

Buy invitations that can match the theme of this party. You will then have to send them out as early as possible so that the guests will have the time to RSVP. Their RSVP will become the basis for how many guests will be coming so you have to give them a reasonable amount of time to reply.

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