mardi 9 juin 2015

Social Media Agencies & 3 Queries For Live-Tweeting

By Robert Sutter

Live-tweeting is an act that, at some time or another, we've taken part in. There's no denying the popularity that this has, whether it's in regards to television shows, live sporting events, or what have you. People want to get their word out, which social media agencies have recognized. With that said, if you're curious about getting involved in this, but may not know the ways to maximize your results, here are 3 inquiries worth bringing up.

"On average, how many tweets should I post?" If you're going to tweet during a show or live event, it is vital that you remain consistent. Many Twitter users make the mistake of assuming that more tweets will make for more engagement, which isn't true since messages can get lost in the shuffle. Nonetheless, make sure that you are consistent with your posts, staying engaged with the larger community on Twitter. In my view, this is more vital than simply quantifying posts.

"What should I include in my tweets?" Along with your own thoughts, there are other elements to be incorporated into live tweets. One of the most vital, according to companies like fishbat, would be hashtags. However, prior to incorporating any old hashtag, social media agencies will tell you to see the ones which are more closely associated with the program you're posting about. This way, your posts will see greater levels of traction on Twitter.

"Do I stop tweeting after the event?" If you're truly committed to the act of live-tweeting, you have to know that your efforts do not necessarily stop after an event is done. As a matter of fact, you can get more material out this way. Not only can you post photos you have taken, without the fear of missing relevant events, but videos can be shared as well. As you can see, this is a period of time that you would be wise to take advantage of.

Live-tweeting is nothing short of exciting, as you can clearly see. It's clear that Twitter has grown leaps and bounds during the past number of years, which is illustrated by the number of people who have taken to this particular activity. For those who have been curious about how to get involved, hopefully the queries discussed earlier have expanded your understanding on the matter. As long as these strategies are set in place, you'll see results.

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