lundi 22 juin 2015

Select The Best Professional Shoe Care Products Possible

By Marjorie Richards

All shoes need to be cared for so as to increase their life span just as one would care for any other object that is used frequently. With the many professional shoe care products this should become an everyday routine especially with leather and suede shoes. All suede shoes are made from the underside of lamb's skin although deer, calf and goat are also used.

Shoes are worn on the feet and they are intended to protect and keep the feet comfortable while one is doing numerous actions. They are become more of a decoration and over time they have begun to vary from one culture to another. Fashion has dictated which design is needed whether they be flat heeled, high heeled or open toed.

Use only a suede cleaning brush and very gently brush away any dirt or mud from the surface. It is very important to remember that only brush in the direction of the fibres. If the stain or mud is stubborn one will have to rub quite hard and might not be able to keep to the correct direction.

For those scuff marks one can either use a rubber cleaning stone, crepe rubber and even an emery board. In order to lift the nap into its original position one should use a nylon brush. If the nap is worn use a middle wire bristle before using the nylon one. One can then safely remove the newspaper and store them as normal. It is best to wrap them up in tissue paper and keep in a footwear box so as to eliminate any dust particles from accumulating on the shoe.

There were over fifteen different techniques that were used for making shoes, pegged, welted, goyser welted, stitch down, blake stitch as well as turnout and German sewn to name a few. The most worn and basic protection was the sandal and it had a protective sole that was attached to the foot with leather thongs. Others were made from plaited palm fronds or grass.

Their Takkie Polish will restore any white or black to its original color and is used on any canvas shoe. It will keep them looking fresh and clean. Their Liquid Polish will renew the color and will leave a lasting shine. One just needs to buff when the application has dried to leave a bright shine.

The Wax Color is a strong cream that has extra pigments in it to help cover any cuffed and damaged leather shoe. It will leave a high shine and restore color. It comes in fifty millilitre bottles and has eleven different shades to choose from. The Perfect Gel is used as a gently cleaning and conditioning agent formulated to be used on all nubuck, patent leather, suede and normal leather makes. It will protect against moisture and is easy to apply.

Another product is Leather Balsam as it is very gentle on all leather makes. It gives it a brilliant shine as well as moisturizes and conditions at the same time. This product can be applied with a soft clean towel or cloth and left to dry. Then polish to reveal the high shine.

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