lundi 8 juin 2015

Choosing Your Karaoke DJ Lost Angeles

By Elaine Guthrie

Different types of activities abound in California for people of every age. Adults love everything from live music and dancing to beaches and crafts, so there is something to keep everyone busy. This is a major reason that Karaoke DJ Los Angeles providers are so plentiful.

The melting pot of all cultures, Los Angeles, CA offers many types of activities and is open to new ones as well. If your venue deals with adults only, there are many sayings about singing and an adult beverage being in hand. The next star may not ever be in your establishment, but many people sing just to have a good time and let their hair down.

When choosing your entertainer for this activity, it is best to ask for references. Other venues that have used this person or company will be able to give insight into what business was like prior to, during and after their services were rendered. This will give you the opportunity to make correlations between your business and what you can expect based on previous customers.

If their history shows that a large crowd follows to each venue, it could mean that you take in a large increase in revenue. However if a following crowd does not feel welcome or that their importance is not recognized, they will find another place to go. Running food or drink deals during the singing will keep things friendly and light for old and new customers alike.

Many venues will offer a singing contest after a few weeks of using their vendor, as a means of bringing in more business. This is especially true when there is no regular group following of the DJ, to get word out about the new entertainment available. This can take your business either way, as contests tend to bring out many who have professional training who compete against the common singer.

In that case, do not talk about rules for the contest with anyone and allow all customers who wish to enter do so. Then the night of your contest, announce that no one who has ever been paid for singing in any capacity can compete. People will still stay to listen and watch, and your establishment is seen as fair and the singers will be happy to spend their money and time with you.

One more thing to talk about when finding your entertainment, is to find out if their equipment will be left at your establishment along with their pay requests. Offering a set amount nightly based on a trial period to see how your business is affected is ideal. It is in your best interest to make sure your insurance will cover any costs incurred if their equipment should take damage while on your property.

It is easy to find people who offer this service, so hire someone that fits with your atmosphere and will increase your sales. If you need them once or on a regular basis, having thirsty singers can create a large revenue if correctly utilized. More singing and less dead air time will mean more sales and could mean profit margins soar.

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