lundi 15 juin 2015

How To Get Custom Oil Portraits In NYC

By April Briggs

There is nothing quite like an oil painting, especially a fine portrait. Many people want to commemorate themselves in a moment in time by ordering custom oil portraits in NYC . In any style or palette of colors, an oil portrait is unique to the subject and an object of beauty. You might use a good photo to start the process. It can be of yourself, a loved one, or even a pet! The art world knows no bounds. The whole family can get into the act for an image that will last over time. Oils are an enduring medium and the ideal way to celebrate a person or event. They make memories into very special objects.

When choosing a company, you want to make sure you get quality services. Make sure you choose a company that offers portraits hand painted from scratch where artists paint freehand. This allows for authentic, artistic and well done painting.

Some companies will paint over printed material on ink. This is not a real artist's painting. It is a line production method that is used to save time. It does not have a personal touch and you can't see the artist's own talent and work. If you can, find an artist that will paint it the correct way so you are not just getting a painted picture over ink.

If you want a unique approach to your custom portrait, find out in advance if that is possible. Does the artist have the requisite skill and experience? Some clients like a realistic approach while others prefer semi-abstraction.

Some companies will offer different styles of portraits. Realism is meant for the portrait to look similar to the actual photography. It will look how the image does in real life and it will show full detail. Impressionism is a different style. It aims to capture the emotion and impression of the photo. It is less about detail, but more about the mood. It has a more painterly style.

Working directly with an artist can be more rewarding than hiring a company that churns out portraits. It is not to say that some are not good; it is that the personal experience of sitting for an artist is quite unique. They still will want a photo to remember you as motivation for the painting process so in that respect there is no difference. It can be more or less expensive to go this route, and it is a matter of personal preference as to whose style you want as the foundation of your portrait.

It all comes down to the degree of customization you desire and the beauty of the final outcome. In that you can watch the artist work, you know you are getting an individual and not a cookie-cutter portrait. Quality and skill are always to be highly desired. Select whoever can produce this result.

No matter what you choose, finding the right custom painting company or artist will ensure you have the best painting possible. This painting will hang for years in your home. You want to choose the right person to do the job. A custom portrait is a great gift and way to cherish a memory forever.

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