jeudi 4 juin 2015

Writing The Best New Murder Mystery Books

By Ericka Marsh

Mystery usually offer a room for variation. Murder is known to be universal and can happen in any setting and anytime. The murder mystery is one of the most popular genres. It features a very exciting cliffhanger with a particular storyline that will leave you wondering and glue to every page. If you love reading murder mysteries and want to attempt yo write your own, then you may consider these tips.

To become an effective writer, it is important for you to read as many murder mysteries as you can as it helps to expand your knowledge in this genre. The more information you learn and gather, the more you can gain ideas. By watching and reading new murder mystery books, you are able to gather important ideas about how murders can be solved. You can watch real life situation.

If you are interested about writing mystery stories that involved killings, it is important to get permission or better yet, shadow a detective team so you will learn how every investigation works. Get a notebook dedicated for this story. List down the names of your detectives, who will be killed, the reasons they are killed, the witness or witnesses and the suspects.

Now, next thing to do is to figure out the basics. Think about the basic element of your story. Think on different scenarios. It could be a killing by stabbing, killing on a train, at a house or even serial killings. There are some writers who like to write straight away but this genre of story can get more complicated. Thus, it might be a perfect idea to read all your ideas once again.

You can write down some lines, possible endings and some phrases you could use. After that, you may now start writing. Once you have already the storyline, it is time to write your novel and the best part where you can be creative. Basically, writing the opener is the introduction of all characters as well as the setting of the story. The best part for this is where the suspects have a massive argument with the person who will be killed.

Writing mysteries should be written in details. You have to write down clear pictures of the settings so that readers will understand the story. You may also describe the feeling of the victims before they get killed and describe the whole setting. You can add unexpected twists and something that can throw the readers off track.

Once you have done everything in your story, you may now check your work. Read the whole story and change something you do not like. There are some books that have been re written many times. In this case, you may need some help by a friend, a fellow writer, a teacher or relative to check your work. They can give you some suggestions for improvements and to help you produce the best work.

Basically, adults are good in spotting some mistakes such as spelling and punctuation. You cannot actually take what they say and you need to be harsh on your work. So, if you want that more people can read your work, you can send it to a publisher.

Keep in mind to be comfortable with the characters you make. Always keep your novel realistic. Always remember who are your target audience. Of course, teens want something different than adults. It is also important to research on every aspect of the novel.

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