lundi 15 juin 2015

What You Must Know To Get The Highest Quality Bible Restoration Grand Rapids Has Available

By April Briggs

When it comes to refurbishing or repairing your family heirloom bible, only the best will do. Some of these books are generations old, which makes them fragile and light sensitive. There are special techniques and materials that should be used. Contacting a highly skilled bookbinder is the first step you should take in this process.

Top quality results come from the hand binding process for putting books back into shape. There are many specialized tools that have been developed over centuries of book binding. This type of detailed bible restoration Grand Rapids professionals offer is well worth the investment.

An important thing to remember is to never attempt to repair an heirloom bible using regular tapes or glues. They are not designed with the correct chemicals, and can actually damage the book further. There is a special glue for each process, and acid free tapes that are used sparingly by craftsmen. They will often wear gloves to avoid transferring oils from their own fingers to the delicate pages.

Almost every heirloom book was originally hand sewn. So it is very important to have any covers and pages stitched again with appropriate needles and thread. The pages on a book that is assembled this way will open easily and lay flat for reading. When cheap glues are used instead, the books will eventually tear or rip and never stay opened correctly.

There are worthy family owned businesses in the Grand Rapids, MI locale that have been providing quality workmanship for years. They have passed the family trade from grandfather, to father, and son. This is apprenticeship at its best, for the tools and techniques required are best used when years of training have taken place.

Leather was the material chosen for antique book covers. There are books that feature leathers from around the world, and every animal imaginable. Book binders often collect these historic volumes and display them for customers to see examples of fine artistry. For damaged family bibles, artistic restoration using leathers that are stained to match the original or complement its design are preferred. This level of work requires an eye for detail.

The inner pages of heirloom bibles often have cloth or high quality papers. Some feature hand made papers with marbled finishes. It is possible to completely take apart an older volume and put it back together again. The key is careful cleaning to remove dust and insect damage, and to careful reconstruct each of the original details by hand.

The cost and time required to completely refurbish an antique bible varies depending upon the degree of damage or natural wear. For most families, the chance to keep a beloved item such as this in the family is worth the investment in the item. These are most often the place where generations of family records are included, by tradition. Ensuring that each generation will be able to share in the history is much more important than the investment necessary.

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