mercredi 9 septembre 2015

All About A Secret Manipulator Hidden In Television Show

By Daphne Bowen

There has always been a theory on the mass media being able to manipulate people particularly television shows that people watch everyday. Now in every TV show that is out there, there is actually said to be a secret manipulator hidden in television show that would actually garner a lot of views so that a particular show will stay on the air. This would include all kinds of shows like reality shows, series, and other kinds of things that one can watch on TV.

From a scientific point of view, Herbert Krugman stated that the moment a person watches TV, he will be more inclined to use his right brain instead of his left. The left hemisphere is used for logical reasoning while the right brain houses all the emotional qualities of a person. When a person uses his right brain to create responses, he will be inclined to creating uncritical and emotional responses instead of logical ones.

The reason for this type of occurrence is simply because people view watching TV as a relaxing activity which means that they do not want to analyze too much when they watch. So when this happens, then the right brain will be the one to create the responses when one would start watching TV. Since the right brain is used, then watching certain shows can be addictive simply because the messages from these shows would appeal to the emotional level of the viewer.

Now to dig deeper into this subject, it is good to take a look at how the media actually targets certain groups or clusters of people. They do this by means of target segmentation wherein they would target the preferences of a specific group of people by making use of demographics and behavioral patterns. This is the very reason why there are so many genres of shows.

When it comes to television shows, usually the main objective is to get the viewers hooked on the show. So if one would think about it, he would most likely ask himself what makes shows so addictive. Well looking deep into it, it is mostly because of the script which was made by the scriptwriter and inspired by the director.

The writer is the core of the entire plot as well as the dialogues that would happen among the characters. The manipulator behind the shows is the one who writes the script of the shows because he may be the one who would actually inject the subliminal messages that the right brain of the viewers would respond to. The director will then present the work of the writer in a way that can catch the attention of the viewers.

Now the same principle would also apply to reality shows too. Reality shows become interesting when the story flow is also interesting and when it relates to the viewers. Pretty much it also shows how normal people can be on TV.

So in a nutshell, TV shows would actually tap the aspirations of the viewers. By bringing them to another world, the ones behind the screen can actually make people immerse themselves in a world they think they want. That is the essence of manipulation through TV.

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