lundi 28 septembre 2015

Storytelling & How It's Woven Into Game Design

By Jennifer Marie Anderson

If someone makes the claim that video games are incapable of telling stories, chances are that they haven't played many modern titles. Simply put, game design has blossomed into one of the biggest storytelling platforms imaginable, regardless of how simple or intricate those tales might be. With that said, I think that it's important to discuss just how this endeavor can be carried out. Here are just a few points of interest worth covering.

Actions should be clearly conveyed, in order for storytelling to be done in game design. A particular game can showcase so little on the surface, and yet still be as deep as anything else. A project doesn't have to cost a tremendous amount in order for a strong story to be told. "Thomas Was Alone" is a great example of this, but it's far from the only one. Those who are looking to get involved in game design would be wise to research other notable names, which can be observed by any Long Island advertising agency as well.

Of course, established companies with greater budgets have an easier time creating stories. "The Last of Us," while strong in terms of gameplay, presented a story of loss and tragedy that helped players empathize with characters. They wanted to see the characters in question succeed at survival, before reaching a conclusion that any user could be satisfied with. It felt like watching a movie, in some cases, rendering the sense of immersion that much stronger.

Creativity matters, more than anything else, which is something that students in various art colleges will become familiar with. This is no different in the field of game design, either, meaning that it's of the utmost importance to focus on all of the moving parts of game design as a whole. Even if someone doesn't have technological savvy on their side, creative genius through way of storyboard construction can still prove to be useful. Simply put, if one isn't creative, he or she might not thrive in this field.

Without storytelling, game design stands a lesser chance of coming about. There's no denying the importance of this endeavor, not only from a creative standpoint but in the business sense as well. Game designers should work with the purpose of making money, which can only be done with the creation of gripping tales and high-quality products. Storytelling plays a massive role in this, meaning that it should never be discredited.

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