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Top Fashion And Lifestyle Blogs To Follow

By Florine Meadows

Everybody wants to stay trendy and current, especially in today's fast-moving world thanks to technology and the sharing of information on the Internet. You can stay up-to-date with top fashion and lifestyle blogs from around the world, which share information directly from the runway and from other sources, too. Blogging is one of the top ways to really connect with others from all over on a variety of topics.

Bloggers are the name given to those who write the blogs. They are today as important as reporters or journalists. This is because they are just like us, average human beings, but they give us an insight to the glamorous world of fashionable lifestyles, bridging the gap between what is and what could be. They are also very knowledgeable about how and where to find certain styles and how to emulate trends and develop your own personal style.

There are different types of blogs of this kind, which is what makes them so appealing. Some of them cater to the fashion seasons and follow the runways around the globe. These, of course, include runway capitals New York, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo, but also rising stars like Johannesburg.

There are so many other bloggers catering to various lifestyle groups and subcultures, however. For example, there are those that are specifically geared towards a particular culture or style. Ethnic fashion is an example of this and has been an ongoing trend for some time.

Guilty Bytes is an Indian lifestyle blog, focused on all things fashionable and trendy from that side of the world. Devina is the editor and she has won Elle India's Blogger of the Year Award in 2014. This is a very huge and impressive blog, and there are over 57,000 followers on its Facebook page. This blog does not only highlight clothing styles from the region; it also focuses on happenings in Bollywood and food and drink. There is also a separate section on the blog for bridal wear.

In the same fashion, African-inspired blogs are growing by the day. On this type of blog, you can expect to learn more about up and coming designers focused on this style and also how to wear such styles in a contemporary, easy way. Bella Naija has been around for about a decade and is one of the most popular and quickest-growing resources for all things African when it comes to fashions and lifestyles, looking at Nollywood and also the red carpet style.

Then there are blogs that are dedicated to specific eras, such as Vintage Vixen. Here, readers can see what sort of thrifty items the blogger has found. A lot of vintage style blogs will offer resources on where readers can source similar items, or the best places to shop for vintage, or the designers who best emulate certain styles with their work.

Last but not least is the blog dedicated to men. While these are outnumbered by those for women, they are certainly gaining more and more popularity as the lines of fashion and style get blurred between the sexes. High Snobiety and Hypeboat are just two examples of great places to find trends for men. A blog worth reading will always explore what's happening on the street in terms of style and not just what's on the runway, so that readers can be truly inspired to find their own personal style.

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