samedi 19 septembre 2015

Pixels & The Idea Of Utilizing Fleet Graphics

By Robin Setser

I was initially interested in "Pixels," once I saw the first few moments of the trailer. A classic monster movie of sorts, complete with video game icons, was something that struck my attention. However, my level of intrigue associated with the movie started to wane as I learned more and more about the film in question. Marketing can always have an impact on a film's success, though, and it's easy to wonder if fleet graphics could have made things better.

After all, you have to consider that many other companies have implemented fleet graphics in the past. According to companies such as JMR Graphics, these high-quality vinyl wraps are not only able to hold up over time, but they can possess the sharpest appearances to boot. Without question, these graphics can depict all types of products, movies included. It's for this reason that I have to wonder if "Pixels" could have benefited from these tools.

Early on, I am sure that fleet graphics could have made a difference. "Pixels" was in the fortunate position of having numerous icons from video games show up on screen. Everyone from Pac-Man to the Space Invader aliens made their presences known, and they are icons which most people would immediately recognize. Wouldn't it make sense, then, for them to be implemented into said graphics? The long-term impact, more than anything else, leaves me curious.

When "Pixels" came out on July 24th, it was met with all sorts of negative press, much of which centered on the comedy. Films with Adam Sandler have been panned quite a bit as of late, and this was no exception. The comedy in question simply was not present, and the writing suffered because of it. "Pixels" might have been a fun film to watch, due to the characters mentioned earlier, but aesthetic quality does not make for a blockbuster movie.

While it's difficult to believe that "Pixels" could have been helped by fleet graphics, in the long run, this isn't to say that other brands should overlook them. In fact, these wraps are nothing short of effective when they are designed well. Of course, the products and services illustrated must be accounted for as well. You want to present deals and opportunities for clients to be accountable for. If this is done, there will be no denying the impact associated with these very graphics.

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