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Some Interesting Hidden Secrets In Television

By Daphne Bowen

The directors are always putting in some weird things for viewers to reference some things that belong to other shows or to deliver some kind of message. Sometimes it could be faces, sometimes it could be numbers, and other times it could even be pictures of something. So just for a bit of entertainment, here are some different hidden secrets in television shows that people have probably missed.

Now one of the most interesting secret codes that one can see in a lot of films and cartoons is the code known as A113. This is a very common code that has appeared in so many films such as the Simpsons, American Dad, and even the cartoon that is known as the Rugrats. Of course not many people would notice code because it is very much well hidden and intended for people to find and not to see right away.

Now this code is actually nothing more than a room number that students from the California Institute of Arts drew there. Most likely those who would recognize the code are students from this institute of arts. The artists and the directors that come from this school would actually put them there in order to show also other students from the institute.

Now for those who are fans of the Disney movies, there are actually a lot of cool secrets that can be found here as well. Now the trademark of Disney is none other than the very famous Mickey Mouse. It is because of this that the character Mickey Mouse would appear in so many films of course as a hidden character.

Other than that there would also be a lot of other characters aside from Mickey Mouse that can be seen in some movies. For example, in the movie Finding Nemo, one can actually see a model of Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story. This is often used to poke fun at the viewers so that they will be entertained a bit.

If one would remember the movie Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, there is also another very interesting hidden secret there as well. In one of the scenes, Jones is seen to be beside a pole that has some hieroglyphics written on them. If one would look carefully, he would see that there is a drawing of C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars there which means that the director was probably a fan.

Now in the movie Fight Club, one would notice that there are a lot of Starbucks references in almost all scenes. Many speculate that the director is a fan of Starbucks while others would speculate that it is some sort of advertising. Of course these hidden secrets are pretty entertaining to find.

So those are some very interesting secrets that can be found in a lot of movies and tv shows. As stated earlier, these secrets pop out probably because of the humor of the director. They could also probably be advertising as well.

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