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How Christian Rock Charlotte Came To Be

By Daphne Bowen

During this era, it is very common to see a band labeled as a Christian rock band by the lyrics mixed with harsh vocals and a rough guitar rift. Of course before it became common, it underwent a lot of controversies due to the conservative nature of the church and its followers during that time. Of course nowadays Christian Rock Charlotte is thriving very much and is becoming more and more popular due to the appearance of many bands out there.

Of course ever since the coming out of the rock genre, many Christians have been opposed to this music as they claim it to be the music of the devil due to its violent and sexual nature. It also did not help that many rockstars during that time were singing about sex, beating people up, revolution, and many other controversial topics. Of course there were also those unconventional Christian rockstars who enjoyed the hard beat and decided to change this mindset.

Among the first bands to join this bandwagon was none other than the Crusaders. As they were the first to come out into the scene, they were not as widely accepted because of the beliefs of the church during that time. Eventually the band become more well loved by the public and then many other bands soon followed their example.

One of the people who really made this sub genre fly was none other than Larry Norman who eventually became the father of Christian rock music. His influence as a musician and as a composer became so great that he became the influence of so many bands that came into this sub genre afterwards. Because of this man, many more popular bands came into the spotlight and further boosted the popularity of this type of music.

In the seventies, the scene was dominated by one of the most popular bands in the world known as Stryper. They were a glam metal band that professed about their religion and shouted it out with their glam vocals and spiffy guitar riffs. They quickly gained popularity not only in the religious sectors but also in the secular ones as well as even non Christians started listening to them as well.

During the popularization of thrash metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, one small Christian thrash metal band made its name also. Now this band is known as Tourniquet and they were said to be a thrash metal band that was at par with the big four of thrash metal that were previously mentioned. Of course they were not inducted into the big names of thrash metal because of their mix of genres in their music.

When the nineties came, this sub genre became more mainstream. Alternative bands and punk bands like Relient K, Kutless, and many more started coming out. In fact, many mainstream bands who are Christians also use religious references in some of their songs.

So as one can see, this sub genre is growing fiercely. With so many bands coming out these days, the growth of this type of music is impressive. This can be seen especially in Charlotte SC with many news bands coming out from there.

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