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Why Djs Are Better Than Live Wedding Bands Connecticut

By Daphne Bowen

A matrimonial ceremony entails a big number of decisions and one of the most critical is choosing between a band and a DJ. Both of them are viable options and this causes dilemma to many lovers in West Park, NY reason being that they do not the one that suits them. The truth is that DJs are miles ahead compared to live wedding bands Connecticut. Indicated below are explanations why this is so.

A lot of stress is allied to planning of weddings mostly because there is the fear that the big day might not play out as intended. Even though bands are considered a wonderful choice owing to real participants being involved, 100 percent is not always assured. This is something that happens in instances where one has no idea of who the band members are because they have probably never attended any of their shows. Some of them happen to be loud plus they probably have one song only. Others are never as entertaining as expected resulting in one being forced to listen to copies of songs that interest them.

Having DJs in weddings is good on the grounds that your choice songs are played. Many couples around the world have particular songs that remind them of special moments they have shared together or ones that remind them about how fortunate they happen to be once they think about their relationship. DJs are able to play precise songs that you delight in. You also listen to original versions rather than imitations.

The music collection that a band has is more often than not limited when compared to DJs who are equipped with an enormous collection of songs that you can choose from and they are also legit. The DJs also have the ability of offering entertainment to various age sets thus ensuring that both grown-ups and youngsters are entertained. One gets to appreciate advantages like slow music being played as the crowd eats the various meals available. Fast-paced music could then be played so that everybody can get a chance to dance.

The personality of many DJs is very friendly and this ensures that people are never bored. It is though they have a secret ingredient to make everyone jovial. More often than not, a band lacks this ingredient. Consequently, people in most cases are always apprehensive.

It is almost certain that a band has to take a break. This is logical reason being they have to visit the washrooms. DJs will entertain for many hours with no break. Songs also flow from one to the other without the need to take a pause.

A band can be costly. This is because each member has to be paid. A DJ is affordable reason being the job in most cases is handed by one person. This means that the cost of labor is significantly brought down.

An additional gain of getting DJs to handle entertainment during weddings is that they incorporate various effects like charming lighting. Such special effects are able to change the dance floor into an environment that is mesmerizing due to the partying mood that is created.

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