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Important Info On Screen Printing Atlanta Services

By Kenya England

Nowadays, printing is done in many ways and for a variety of purposes. Each of these approaches has its own positives and negatives, and purposes. Screen printing incorporates a mesh device to transfer ink to substrates. These substrates can be anything from wood to posters, and stickers to t-shirts. Screen printing Atlanta is available through many sources in and around Atlanta, GA.

This is one of the first methods of printing, which is why it dates back so many years. Simply put, this involves passing ink though screens, usually made of mesh. These are stretched across frames where there is a stencil that has openings determining how an image is to be printed out.

Screen printing has been around for a while. The Chinese did it. They used human hair as their mesh, stretching it over their wood frames to make screens. Stencils were created from leaves placed together. The Japanese also jumped on board early on. They used woven silk for their mesh and created stencils from lacquers.

Technology has made huge steps in the years since this was invented. However, this approach and process has remained the same for the most part. There have been some upgrades when it comes to tools and equipment, but the process is virtually the same. It is also still used on a frequent basis in the modern day. Computers and electronic devices also have a more important role today.

Samuel Simon is given credit for patenting the first screen printing process for industrial use. This was around the early 1900s. It would be years later when John Pilsworth would develop the Selectasine method. This allowed for multi-color printing on one screen. It became popular quickly and was used frequently for making signs and posters in bulk quantities.

There are some basics that are needed to screen print, no matter the type of device being used. Stencils are essential. After all, these carry the image or design to be printed. Other essentials include the substrate, machine based, mesh, squeegee and frame. A lot of companies provide these services to clients. Most will utilize the top equipment to get the job done correctly. People may want to do these projects on their own. In these situations, it might be ideal to invest in a quality machine or select a more affordable kit that has the basics.

People should learn what they can about the process. This is recommended no matter if they are purchasing equipment and doing this on their own or hiring professionals for the job. There are many products and services available. It is important to locate the best in order to see top results. Costs for services, as well as the materials, will differ based on many factors.

This can be used for many purposes. Most surfaces can be printed on with this method: advertisements, posters, clothing, flyers, signs, fabrics and more. Some might invest in machines for their print needs, while many others choose to send the work off to professional businesses. There are numerous resources that can be utilized by people in Atlanta who want to learn more about this kind of printing.

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