lundi 30 novembre 2015

How To Turn Into A Saxophone Player Fabian

By Marci Nielsen

Staying in this profession takes more than a great pair of hands. You still have to consider the steps below for you to make people happy that they came all the way to see you. Be able to capture their hearts and show to them that the best things in life are not in the shows which they watch.

You have to learn how to calm yourself down. If this is your first show as a saxophone player Fabian, get better with mind control. Your audience is expecting a very confident individual out from you. Do not disappoint them by thinking that they are not present and you are just playing in an empty hall.

Do not look at your fingers all the time. You should memorize every part of your instrument by now. Also, you have to memorize all the pieces which you would be playing. That is an indication that you have prepared well and that one shall be giving everybody a good show. Always do your best in all your performances.

Listen to classical music and love it. Remember that your target is in the older generation. Also, have more appeal to richer clients by showing to them that you know your craft indeed. Talk with class and be among the few musicians who never run out of gigs. Support your needs in the best way you know how.

Expand your versatility by going into the lane of other instruments. Yes, the tracks will sound weird coming from a saxophone but it is your job to modify the notes a little bit for you to get the exact flavor and emotion. Do not be afraid to explore when there are no rules preventing you from doing so and when it can be fun.

Be hard on yourself during the practice. Not everyone is given the chance to perform in a huge opera house. So, see this as a life and death situation and listen to everything that your mentor will tell you. Listening to the comments of another person is the way for you to start playing for the public and not for yourself.

Practice with recordings. This can prevent you from getting lost when it is time for the whole orchestra to but in. Having great listening skills is important especially when you have to tune the instrument yourself. You should be independent to prevent any sabotage on your end.

Experiment with the pieces by connecting them with one another. However, you still have to be mindful of the kind of people you have. For the older ones, the standard order will have to do. A crazy arrangement will only be permitted if you have the youth as your companion for the night.

Just be passionate with what you do. Not everyone would appreciate your music but know that those who do have expensive taste. You are a work of art and you do not have to change just for you to feel fulfilled with your true passion in life. Be comfortable with your instrument and music and that will show in your performance and easily earn a standing ovation.

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