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Selecting Personalized Ornaments For Family And Friends

By Mattie Knight

The holidays are fast approaching and you want to do something special for this memorable season. Some kind of addition to your tree, or another individual's, could be the perfect solution, and that special addition could be personalized ornaments. They will add so much glamour and spice to your decor and make everyone feel included and special.

There are many materials that these decorations can consist of. These can include ceramic, glass, wood, resin, and other forms with the proper names, nicknames, or initials of the specific recipient. These precious gifts could also depict an individual's interest or a very special occurrence in their lives.

Make this a lasting and traditional family project and add new and different decor to your tree. Your tree will always be a work in progress each December. Plan a party surrounding this occasion and serve festive drinks and foods. At this time, each individual person can hang their own varieties of ornaments to the branches and boughs. The older guests and family will have the most ornaments after a time.

You can use them for awesome gifts for special individuals who have helped make your year the best ever. Buy them for neighbors, teachers, pastors, co-workers, supervisors, friends, mailmen, and many others who would be so happy to receive such a gift. Write and include a short and personal message for each recipient to let them know how special they are to you.

Personalizing something doesn't necessarily mean adding names or initials. Sometimes there are occasions that can be commemorated with this item. These might include a first car, an engagement, a first Christmas together, graduation, a new job, a new home, college, pets, schools, or a person that needs to be commemorated. There are so many personal occasions that can be remembered through the selection and purchase of this item.

Select those with forms or illustrations that showcase activities or special talents. For example, a child who loves gymnastics can have one in the shape of a gymnast. A swimmer can have his name or initials displayed on a miniature swimmer. Basketball players' names look great on a miniature basketball. The options are endless and the more personal and unique they are, the more impact they will have.

Save all of these special tokens to place on your tree and enjoy year after year. Each one will evoke special memories and thoughts. Family members will delight in seeing them on the tree each and every holiday season and look forward to seeing them prominently and thoughtfully displayed.

So extend holiday wishes to friends and family with these delightful keepsakes. Make it a yearly tradition - you can even use them as gift tags on gifts. If your tree becomes too burdened with these mementos, you can always buy a larger tree or place these items on garlands, other small trees around the house, or even in a glass bowl on a coffee table or end table. There are endless ways and means of showing off your family and friends' favorite tokens of the holiday season.

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