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Making Your Own Embroidered Patches In 6 Steps

By Mattie Knight

Clothes that we see everyday comes in varieties and classifications. Some are simple while others have exquisite designs on it. No matter what the look might be, the most important thing is that attires make us look good. We wont be able to display our selves confidently without it. Having many kinds of clothes from top to bottom is really amazing and fantastic.

Designs are not just colorful, but the pattern and figures that are formed in it are really splendid. Do you have clothes that have embroidered patches on it. A type of decoration that consists of logos and other symbols. There are many people who feel great happiness in having it in their attires. To create your own patch, here are some helpful tips that are best to follow.

Preparation of the required supplies and tools. The materials you need includes sewing kit, designing tools, flat iron and some safety gears for yourself. While you are busy checking the quality of each stuff, make sure that your working area is also ready. Clothed in some safety equipment like apron to protect yourself. Be careful in preparing the needles and other harmful things.

The fabrics to used should be iron first. The first thing that you should usually do is to iron all the fabrics from side to side. This is done to strengthen and flatten crumpled areas. Remember, heat an iron on a desirable degree that will not burn the cloth. Also, pay careful attention in using it. You might acquire some burn if you will use it recklessly.

Create a design and then print it nice and neatly. Use your internet to gather information on the possible design to use. Afterward, print it in a fabric. Keep in mind to place it in the right area. Once you will trace it, do it carefully and neatly as much as possible. Place the fabric in an area that has a light and then see to it that the pattern is correctly placed.

Know the process and art of sewing. You can either lean on the machine or your skills to finish the sewing procedure. However, the method you will going to use will depend on your skills. Are you good in using equipment or would it be better to sew it with your hands. Decide on what stitch and type of sew to work on. Follow the traced lines very properly when you are starting to make the stitches.

Accomplishing your task. After you have done the above mentioned steps, its now time to beautify your work. Trim all the excess parts of the cloth including the small hairs. This is a very complex procedure, so carefully do it well or you might end up cutting some design. Go to a lighted place so you can see clearly the pattern.

Know where to lay your patches. Make a final decision on where to put the finish work. Its a nice idea to put it in a simple clothing so its design will be greatly seen. Colors of the decorations should look good on the attire. Put patches in the area you want.

Have many designs of patches. Repeat the entire process, but this time create another set of decoration. Consider putting the finish work on another set of clothes. You can consider patches as mean for having your own business too.

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