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The Four Types Of Works A Medieval Author Would Write

By Mattie Knight

Medieval literature has been extremely influential to the literature the world has today. For those who do not know, literature of this kind came from the continent of Europe and developed sometime in the middle ages which was one thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire. A medieval author was extremely respected during that age as writers were often seen as very intellectual individuals who possessed much knowledge.

Of course the first one would be the philosophical or theological works since these types of works were the most popular types of works during that time. Now the church was the single most influential body that existed in the entire region. Now because of this, it was very common for famous authors to incorporate a lot of theological themes into their books.

Some of the most famous theological or religious authors are Thomas Aquinas, Peter Abelard, and Anselm of Canterbury among many others. Saint Thomas Aquinas in particular was extremely famous as a theological author as he had an extremely deep understanding of the Bible and was also a very good writer. Theological works were written mostly by monks and other religious leaders but a few other authors also wrote some religious works as well.

Of course it was not only the theological works that were popular but also the secular ones as well. Sir John Mandeville was an example of an author who wrote in the secular genre with his book the Travels of Sir John Mandeville. The themes of most of these works focused on fiction and some focused on history too.

Other than that, there are also many poets that lived during the medieval time period. One extremely influential poet during the late middle ages would be none other than Geoffrey Chaucer and was one of the most important writers before Shakespeare lived. Some of his works would include the Roman de la rose, and the allegorical Book of the Duchess.

Now most people would think that all the authors that existed during that time were all men but there were in fact a lot of women authors during that time. Of course it was stated above that religious works were the most popular during that time. It was because of this that women authors used this venue to be able to spread their works to the people.

Now if one would look at some of the most notable authors of that time, he would probably see Julian of Norwich at the top of the list. She was actually the very first woman to have published a book in the whole of England. What made her works pretty interesting was that they were based on visions she had when she was having a terminal illness.

So basically, those are some of the things that one should know about the medieval literature and its authors. As one can see, works from this time period were very influential to the modern day literature. Many modern day works were actually influenced by works from this time period.

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