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On Becoming One Of The Tri State Music Bands

By Mattie Knight

Music is a form of art that has been valued for several years already. Even in the earliest years, there is a certain value for it. These days, various types of music can be heard everywhere. It has become part of the culture of most people and it has also become something they could associate with their lifestyle. Some of the songs that were made were known to be classics and are well known all over the world.

Festivals are held to celebrate people who have involved their life with this element for too long or to actually celebrate music itself. There are various types of festivals and these are held in different places as well. One of the more famous type is the Tri State which is attended by Tri State Music Bands from various places such as West Park, NY.

This might be considered as the most famous event for school competitions and festivals involving bands. The people and contingents competing come from three different states. There are different schools from the area which means that there will also be several participants to perform and compete with.

These bands do not refer to the ones you will see on television with someone singing while others are holding instruments. It could pertain to people who are from the drum and bugle corps. The main competition would be marching while playing various pieces and trying out different formations. For a certain corps, this was known to the most prestigious competition there is.

The competition is annually done and everyone is encouraged to participate as long as they could be invited for fun and for the good experience as well. One thing that makes this prestigious is the type of prizes being given such as scholarships to good schools where your talents will be honed and improved. Of course, many would be blessed to experience that.

There are several things that you need to remember when you decide to enter the contest or you just wish to perform in it. There are qualifications which must be completed for each participant. These rules are present to ensure that nothing will happen sooner or later. This also goes for those who wish to register. It might be best to go to their site for the needed information.

Several things can be achieved because of this. Those groups that have talent and potential would surely have the chance to get recognized. This could be the goal of many to ensure that they get invited again or at least get a shot at the price.

Another thing you will gain from this is experience. It is often that first timers do not get recognized or get the prizes. However, this also does not mean that you will not get a second chance at doing it again. Through gaining experience, you will have the idea on what to expect and plan for it ahead of time.

Practicing is always a good habit. Many bands have decided to spend months of training before competing. If this will be your first competition, thinking about research is never a bad idea. This could be very helpful in giving you insight on what people expect and what they do not.

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